Jodi Benson returns to sing in-character Ariel for The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning in this sweet ballad where she remembers her love for singing. Oh yes, Ms. Benson definitely has still got it, and I love that glorious strong note she hits right in the middle.

You know, going by the story in the prequel, this means that until Ariel sings this song, she hasn't sung a tune for up to ten years, which is a major injustice for the underwater realm, among other things. On the hand, it also means that the little mermaid has perfect pitch despite her lack of practice.

(printable version)

Under the bright blue endless sky

Wait, I remember that
How I know that song
I remember sitting in the moonlight
And the feeling
What's that feeling?
I remember

Yes, how I know that song
Though it's been so long
I remember happiness without
A floor or ceiling
What's that feeling?
I remember

La la la la la...

Oh, I remember her
And how we were
I remember wanting what the
Evening would be bringing
I remember singing

"Under the bright blue endless sky
Waves try to measure
The days that we treasure"

And I
I remember
I remember music

And I'm never going to back
To the silent law they wrote
I will sing in every tempo
Every last chromatic note

For I, I remember her
I remember music
And I remember love

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