Just a Little Love

This was the first song of the Little Mermaid series, featured in the pilot episode A Whale of a Tale. This was their first musical scene in the animated series, and you can tell there's a great deal of effort put into the song itself, whicih I reckon one of the best of the series.

Just a Little Love is sung by Ariel to Spot the Baby Killer Whale upon their first meeting, and can be found in the Splash Hits compilation.

(printable version)

Poor little frightened baby


Wandering on your own
You've been through a lot
Haven't you, Spot?

Poor Spot, where's your mother, where's your family?

Everyone needs a family
No one should be alone
Now Flounder and me
We're gonna be
The family you've never known

We have to take him home with us.

We have to - WHAT?!

Oh, Flounder, can't you see?

Just a little love
And he'll be good as new
In just a little while
Watch a smile come shining through

He's just a little scared
He needs a friend today
He needs a little love
How can I turn away?

He's singing! He sounds just like you!


See, he likes you! You'll be his big brother.

I don't want to be his big brother! I don't want to be his midnight snack, either. It won't work, Ariel!

Yes, it will.

Just a little love
That's how you begin
Showing him you care
Being there to tuck him in

Helping him to grow
Each and every day
Just a little love
Can go a long, long way

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