Manners and Etiquette

Another song from the Disney Princess Tea Party album, and I'm really not sure what to make of this. There's a positive lesson in there, but the whole spiel sounds like something Sebastian would try to drill into Ariel's head while she daydreams about going on adventures, really. That said, Jodi hits a thrilling high note in this at the "wish on a star" which made me sit back and go YES, I KNOW YOU'RE AWESOME, YOU NEVER STOPPED BEING AWESOME.

Thanks out to Joel for helping with this.

(printable version)

Hi, I'm Ariel, and I found a fantastic book about the way a princess should act. Hmm, let's see.

At a social event on a most special day
Or at home with your family, when Mother should say
It's time to eat, take your seat, no time to play
It's time for manners and etiquette

Sit in your chair, never play with your food
Never speak with your mouth full, it's terribly rude
Say "please" and say "thank you", don't mumble or brood
And that's called manners and etiquette

What you do and the way that you do it is
What makes you a princess all through, it looks
Easy, too and I love telling you all about
Your manners and etiquette

Napkins stay on your lap, one must not slurp one's soup
Always wait to be served and be part of the group
No elbows on tables, your head mustn't droop
And that's good manners and etiquette

Don't leave your seat, please, before dinner's end
Sip your tea daintily, let your pinky extend
A lady-like voice is the sweetest, my friend
It's all called manners and etiquette

What you do, also what you should not do is
What makes you a princess, you've got to be
Charming, too, it may sound like a lot but
It's all just manners and etiquette

Oh, enter the room with your head held erect
If anything itches, let no one suspect
What's worth more than riches is earning respect
And that comes from manners and etiquette

Can you see that to be the true princess you are
To grow older with grace, to grow wise and go far
You need more than beauty or wish on a star

What you need is manners and etiquette
Yes, we all need manners and etiquette
You'll always be glad you have manners and etiquette

I just know it's true and I'm learning, too

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