You Wouldn't Want to Mess With Me

Ursula has appeared in the television series before, but in the Against the Tide, she gets to sing! There are two parts of the song, the first part being when she's concocting a spell in her lair, and the second when she's threatening the Atlanticans (and in particular, a specific Bad Luck Creature that has come under Ariel's protection) and proves that Ursula's still got her sense of theatrics.

(printable version)

Part 1

With one wave of my hand
You know who's in command
I'm the quintessential queen of sorcery
I keep a potion in my purse
That's worse than any curse
No, you wouldn't want to mess with me

Take a barracuda's nose
And a dozen turtle toes
And the venom of a sea anemone
Eye of urchin, Crab of louie
Stir the goop until it's goey
That's my favourite rancid recipe
No, you wouldn't want to mess with me

Part 2

Make way, I'm in charge
Your fate is looming large
It won't do you any good to flee
My concoctions never fail
So you'd better watch your tail
No, you wouldn't want to mess with me

When you think I'm on the brink of going under
I've a way of coming out on top
Oh my darling debutante
I always get just want I want
And I want this mucky luck to stop!

I'm the mistress of mystique
With a slender slim physique
I'm an idol in the sea of infamy
I admit I'm quite a catch
But I've never met my match

So you shouldn't test the best
'Cause you couldn't stand the stress
No, you wouldn't want to mess with me

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