I Think I'd Be Perfect For You

This song, performed by Joe York, is found on the The Little Mermaid and Friends, Cinderella and Friends, Disney Toy Story Sing-a-Long, Disney Love Songs and Disney's Be My Friend albums, but its real origins and the purpose of it being written are unknown to me. It's interesting that it was recorded in 1989, the year that The Little Mermaid was released. Thanks to Ashley for these lyrics, and double thanks to Alex for additional info on this song.

(printable version)

Who would you choose?
Who could it be?
Who'd close their eyes with you
And who could still see?
And I know how you've dreamed about
How he'd be with you
So I think I'd be perfect for you

Who'd light your way
But not cross your star?
Who'd call in his brigade
But not fight your war?
And if you needed time alone
I'd know what to do
And I think I'd be perfect for you

I think I'd do fun
I think I'd do right
I think I could walk with you
Through the shadows of your nights
And if you think that I am just one who would do
No, I think I'd be perfect for you
I think I'd be perfect for you

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