Sea Floor Strut

This Sebastian song could have been written for the series, but it never made it on to any episode. It's available in the Splash Hits album, and is a typical Sebastian style groove number, though not as lively as most of his other songs.

(printable version)

Okay, time to move
Put your body in the groove
Creatures here below
Oh, here we go
Right, left, right, left, right
Stretch up to your highest height
One two
Say what?
Sea floor strut

Now the crabs can get a bit excited
When da clams can't keep their big mouths shut
When they're dancing, they are all united
You can spot them on the bottom
As they do the sea floor strut

Lean back, turn around
Feel the beat that's going down
One, two, oh, say what?
Hey mon!
Sea floor strut

Oh hey, me and you
See us drop and stop on cue
Stop! Say what?
Ha! Sea floor strut

Would you check out that old crazy grouper
Jammin' out of his old lazy rut
He says, "Hey, don't you be a party pooper
Get your rear in gear 'cause here, my dear
We do the sea floor strut"

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