Wasting Away

This is the first of two new Ursula songs in the Broadway demo album. This one is an introductory number building on Ursula's line in the film of how she's "...wasted away and practically starving", showing us who Ursula is and where she stands in the scheme of things. Mostly that seems to involve her bemoaning her current state of affairs, for Ursula hungers for the better life she thinks she deserves. It's interesting that in this song Ursula claims that not only had she once been in a position of power, she was also the owner of a crown. (Whether this is Triton's crown or not, that's another matter.)

Though there's some clever wordplay in this song, in the end the production team must've wanted something else, because this song was replaced for the final Broadway production with I Want the Good Times Back, though that song was eventually replaced post-Broadway by Daddy's Little Angel.

(printable version)

Depose me from my rightful throne, will he? Just because I mixed up a few little old spells. Who needs Atlantis, anyway? I'd redecorate the ocean with a vengeance if I had my crown again.

Back when I was still in power
You can bet the tides were high
I was positively vicious
Ooh, delicious, to die

Lounging in my beachside tower
Seaweed petals underfoot
I'd throw fantastic buffets
Swanky soirees
Where are those days? Kaput!

Now here I rot
Skinny as a crayfish
Hideously underfed
And simply wasting, wasting away
Looks nearly shot
Positively waifish
Guess how many pounds I've shed?
While sadly wasting, wasting away

It's no mirage
My whole décolletage
Is shrunken, I know!
Hard to deny
That it, as well as I
Have sunken so low

Healthy, I'm not
Also, I'm anaemic
Also prematurely grey
Wasting, wasting away

Flotsam & Jetsam:
Fragile and frail
Also pretty feeble
Drooping like a kelp bouquet
Sighing, dying away


Flotsam & Jetsam:

Yes, I know it's all too tragic
As for being fair, well ha!
Power, pleasure, fun all vanished
I'm banished, yes, moi

All because I used black magic
Broke one tiny rule, so what?
But now my potions and spells
Ointments and gels
Baubles and shells mean squat!

Now here I am
Ravenous with hunger
Miserable beyond belief
And meanwhile wasting, wasting away
Limp as a clam
Hardly getting younger
Stranded on a dead-end reef
Completely wasting, wasting away

Look, I'm so lean!
Why, no one's ever seen
A flatfish this thin
I look, at best
Like something you'dve guessed
The catfish dragged in

Once I was glam
Once I had a figure
Now I'm like a failed soufflé
Wasting, wasting away
Out of the loop
Swimming nowhere fast
Exhausted, obsolete, passé
Wasting, wasting away

Flotsam & Jetsam:
Gaunt and grotesque
Haggard and decrepit
Dottering in deep decay
Snivelling, shrivelling

Enough! Oh, it's too much for my fragile body to take. Boys, give me some support while I think wicked.

Flotsam & Jetsam:
Wasting, wasting...

Wait! I have an idea. The princess likes human things, huh? I bet the little tart is ready for basting.

Flotsam & Jetsam:
Wasting, wasting...

And then my reign can resume!

Though truth be told
I'm starting for my old
Cache back a lot
What I would love
An evening platter of
Is payback, served hot

So, boys, gather round
Listen very close
'Cause this is how the plot will play
'Til I've got Triton
Right in my sway

First, get the girl
Then we'll get her daddy
Then we'll make her pay and pay
And leave 'em wasting, wasting away

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