The Little Mermaid: Stage Musical

Other productions of the stage musical followed the original Broadway one, and on this page I catalogue some of them. This page is by no means comprehensive!

US regional: Tuacahn Center for the Arts (2011)

As far as I can tell, this production was the regional US premiere of the musical, following the show's closing on Broadway. It was staged at the Tuacahn Centre for the Arts' amphitheatre, which was a very different venue for the show, what with its scale and open-air layout. This production uses a modified design of the tail frame from the Broadway version, and takes advantage of its setting to provide a different kind of experience for the audience. Directed by Scott Anderson, it ran from 2 June to 21 October 2011.

Michelle Pruiett, who understudied as Ariel on Broadway, was Ariel in this production. She was joined with James Royce Edwards as Eric, Lawrence Cummings as Sebastian, Heidi Anderson as Ursula, Payton Kemp as Flounder, Vincent D'Elia as Scuttle, Christian Whelan as King Triton, Matt Densky as Flotsam and Joey Tierno as Jetsam.

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US regional: The Muny (2011)

A regional US production was staged at the outdoor theatre The Muny, St. Louis. Directed by Paul Blake, it ran from 6 to 14 July, 2014. This production has some Rule 63 casting going on, with a fella taking on the role of Ursula (also a nod to Ursula's Divine origins) and a lady taking on the role of Flounder.

Patti Murin starred as Ariel, John Riddle as Eric, Paul Vogt as Ursula, Ken Page as King Triton, Francis Jue as Sebastian, Elizabeth Teeter as Flounder, Lara Teeter as Scuttle, Madeline Trumble as Carlotta, Gary Glasgow as Grimsby, Matt Braver as Flotsam and Max Kumangai at Jetsam.

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US regional: Wichita (2011)

This regional US production was staged at the Music Theatre of Wichita. Directed by Wayne Bryan, it ran from the 5 to 14 August 2011.

Desi Oakley starred as Ariel, Christopher Charles Wood as Eric, Lawrence Cummings as Sebastian, Karen Robu as Ursula, Kevyn Morrow as King Triton and Justin Robertson as Scuttle.

Manila, Philippines (2011)

The Philippine production played from 18 November to 11 December 2011 at the Meralco Theater in Manila. This production followed the format of the Broadway production with the same song list and based on the same design where the merfolk wear wire-frame tails and "swim" on Heelys on the stage floor. What made this production really unique, though, was that it incorporated local Philippine design and style in the puppetry.

Rachelle Ann Go starred as Ariel, Erik Santos as Eric, Jinky Llamanzares as Ursula, OJ Mariano as Sebastian, Calvin Millado as King Triton, Lee Viloria as Flounder, Ikey Canoy as Scuttle, Felix Rivera as Flotsam and Jamie Barcelon as Jetsam.

Dutch Tour, Netherlands (2012-2013)

The Dutch tour production, which was staged completely in the Dutch language, played from 4 May 2012 until 7 July 2013 at various venues. This production also marked a huge change for the musical, as it was part of Disney Theatrical's "retooling" of the show: the Heelys were replaced with wirework, the design was revamped, the script changed in some places, and various songs moved around/edited/dropped entirely. This new staging, directed by Glenn Casale, became the basis for a number of other licensed production that followed. There was a cast recording released as well.

Tessa Sunniva van Tol starred as Ariel, Tommie Christiaan as Eric, Marjolijn Touw as Ursula, Roberto de Groot as King Triton, Juan Wells as Sebastian, Martijn Vogel as Flounder, Dick Cohen as Scuttle, Bas Timmers as Flotsam and Barry Beijer as Jetsam.

  • Part of Your World/Daar ligt mijn hart:
  • She's in Love/Ze is verliefd:
  • Daddy's Little Angel/Pappies kleine meisje:
  • Beyond My Wildest Dreams/Mooier dan in mijn mooiste droom:

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Moscow, Russia (2012-2014)

The Russian production, performed entirely in Russian, ran at the Rossiya Theatre in Moscow from 5 July 2012 until 13 April 2014. The design and book of this show was based on the Dutch one that came before it, and there was a cast album released.

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US regional: Music Circus (2012)

A regional US production was staged by Music Circus at the Wells Fargo Pavilion in Sacramento, US, from the 10 to 22 July 2012. This production was also directed by Glenn Casale but had some further modifications, such as how the production was staged in the round, and they used costuming instead of wirework to make Ariel "swim".

Jessica Grové starred as Ariel, Eric Kunze as Eric, Vicki Lewis as Ursula, Kevin Smith Kirkwood as Sebastian, Merwin Goard as King Triton, Henry Hodges as Flounder, Jack Doyle as Scuttle, Ron Wisniski as Grimsby, Scott Leiendecker as Flotsam and Ben Roseberry as Jetsam.

Tokyo, Japan (2013-)

The Japanese production directed by Glenn Casale opened on 7 April 2013 at the Shiki Theatre Natsu, Tokyo. This production is based on the design of the Dutch production, was performed entirely in Japanese, and has a cast recording album released with it.

  • Part of Your World:
  • She's in Love:
  • Daddy's Little Angel:
  • Beyond My Wildest Dreams:

US regional: Paper Mill Playhouse (2013)

This regional US production was staged by Paper Mill Playhouse, and played at their Millburn, New Jersey theatre (29 May to 30 June 2013) and then at their partner theatres Pittsburgh CLO (9 to 21 July) and Kansas City Starlight (23 to 28 July). Also directed by Glenn Casale, this is yet another version of the show that keeps the wirework but uses a vastly different design.

Jessica Grové starred as Ariel, Nick Adams as Eric, Liz McCartney as Ursula, Alan Mingo Jr. as Sebastian, Edward Watts as Triton, Christian Probst as Flounder and Ron Wisniski as Grimsby.

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US regional: Dallas Summer Musicals (2014)

This regional US production directed by Glenn Casale was part of the Dallas Summer Musicals series, staged at the Music Hall at Fair Park with previews from 13 February, and its run proper from 18 February to 2 March 2014. This one looks pretty similar to the Paper Mill version before it, with the wirework in place for Ariel.

Chelsea Morgan Stock, who was a replacement and understudy Ariel on Broadway, starred as as Ariel in this one. With her were Eric Kunze as Eric, Liz McCartney as Ursula, Alan Mingo Jr. as Sebastian and Shawn Platzker as Flounder.

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US regional: Tuacahn Center for the Arts (2014)

The Tuacahn amphitheatre had a return engagement for The Little Mermaid, where it staged the musical for a second time under the direction of Scott Anderson from 30 May to 18 October 2014.

Emma Degerstedt played Ariel, with Kari Yancy understudying. It also had James Royce Edwards was Eric, Heidi Anderson as Ursula, Randal Keith as King Triton, Lawrence Cummings as Sebastian, Matt Densky as Scuttle, Payton Kemp as Flounder, Bart Williams as Grimsby, Michael Milkanin as Flotsam and Matthew J. Vargo as Jetsam.

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US regional: Theatre Under the Stars (2014)

This regional US production for Houston's Theatre Under the Stars was directed by Glenn Casale and was staged from 13 to 29 June 2014. It seems to follow the style of the Paper Mill Playhouse version, with wirework and storybook design, and I think this is the same production that performed at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta from 8 to 13 July 2014.

Jessica Grové starred as Ariel, Eric Kunze as Eric, Liz McCartney as Ursula, Alan Mingo Jr. as Sebastian, Steve Blanchard as Triton, Christian Probst as Flounder, Matt Allen as Scuttle and Dale Hensley as Grimsby.

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US regional: North Shore Music Theatre (2014)

This regional US production by North Shore Music Theatre was directed by Michael Heitzman and played from 8 to 27 July 2014. This staging had some wirework and was performed in the round.

Adrienne Eller starred as Ariel, Bruce Landry as Eric, Kecia Lewis-Evans as Ursula, Mark Campbell as Triton, J. Cameron Barnett as Sebastian, Freddie Kimmel as Scuttle, Benjamin Howes as Grimsby, Shawn Platzker as Flounder, Paul Louis Lessard as Jetsam and Jeremy Pasha as Flotsam.

Copenhagen, Denmark (2014)

The little mermaid had a stopover at her hometown with this Danish production. It was performed in Danish and opened on 17 July 2014 at the Opera House in Copenhagen, before moving to the Fredericia Theatre where it played from 28 August to 26 October 2014. From what I can see, this production is a tad different in that it used "invisible" puppeteers to create the illusion of Ariel's swimming underwater.

Kristine Yde starred as Ariel, Christian Lund as Eric, Sara Gadborg as Ursula, Peter Jorde as King Triton, Tim Schou as Flounder, Anders Bircow as Grimsby, Max-Emil Nissen as Sebastian, Søren Scheibye as Scuttle, Patrick Terndrup as Flotsam and Jacob Andersen as Jetsam.

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US regional: North Carolina Theatre (2014)

This regional US production is by North Carolina Theatre, and was staged at the Raleigh Memorial Auditorium from 29 July to 3 August 2014. This version was directed by Jennifer Werner, and quite a few of the costumes look mighty similar to the Broadway versions, plus Ariel has no wires and Flounder's back to being a kid again.

Jessica Grové starred as Ariel, Ian Parmenter as Eric, Ellen Harvey as Ursula, Alan Mingo Jr. as Sebastian, Kevyn Morrow as Triton, Joseph Gaitens as Flounder, Dirk Lumbard as Grimsby, Matt Allen as Scuttle, Matthew Marks as Flotsam and Greg Reuter as Jetsam.

Canada regional: Rainbow Theatre (2014)

A Canadian regional production was staged by Rainbow Stage in Winnipeg, Manitoba from 13 to 29th August 2014. Directed by Ann Hodges, this version is based on the Paper Mill version, but has its own style.

Colleen Furlan starred as Ariel, Marc Devine as Eric, Jennifer Lyon as Ursula, Addin Church as Sebastian, Kevin Aichele as King Triton, and Eliot Zalar as Flounder.

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US regional: Olney Theatre (2014-2015)

A regional US production directed by Mark Waldrop was staged at Olney Theatre Center in Washington DC from 12 November 2014 to 11 January 2015. This production features frame tails, wirework and puppetry, along with the use of flowing fabrics to create the illusion of water.

Lara Zinn starred as Ariel, Joe Chisholm as Eric, Donna Migliacco as Ursula, Nicholas Ward as King Triton, Troy Hopper as Sebastian, Clark Young as Scuttle, and Sean McComas as Flounder.

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US regional: White Plains Performing Arts Center (2014-2015)

This New York regional production was directed by Jeremy Quinn and played at the WPPAC from 19 December 2014 to 4 January 2015. The look of this show is mighty similar to the North Shore Production, and following on what The Muny production did a few years ago, there's a throwback to Ursula's Divine-inspired origins in that she's played by a man.

Beth Stafford Laird starred as Ariel, John Treacy Egan (the original Chef Louis on Broadway) as Ursula, Joseph C. Bellino as King Triton, Rodney Ingram as Eric, Cartreze Tucker as Sebastian, Grand Albright as Flounder, DJ Petrosino as Scuttle, Alvaro Francisco as Flotsam and Neil Dingow as Jetsam.

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US regional: Pittsburgh Musical Theatre (2015)

This US regional production directed by Colleen Petrucci played at the Byham Theatre from 22 January to 1 February 2015. This production used computer-generated rendering for some of the backgrounds.

Larissa Overholt starred as Ariel, with Tom Kolos as Eric, Trumaine Verret-Fleming as Sebastian, Andrea Weinzierl as Ursula, Tim Hartman as King Triton, Jeremy Czarniak as Scuttle, Brady Patsy as Grimsby, Brecken Farrell & Mathew Fedorek as Flounder, Vinnie Smith as Jetsam and David Toole as Flotsam.

US regional: Wisconsin Dells (2015)

A regional production was staged at the Palace Theatre in Wisconsin Dells from 21 May to 6 September 2015. This production uses costumes developed for the 2011 Wichita production.

Alison Bagli starred as Ariel, with Gillian Hassert as Ursula, Sean Green as Sebastian, Jason Elliott Brown as Scuttle, Zach and Jared Green as Flotsam and Jetsam.

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US regional: Arizona Broadway Theatre (2015)

This regional production at the Arizona Broadway Theatre ran from 22 May to 21 June 2015. The costuming modifies the tail attachments some, where they now rest on the back of the actors' legs at an angle, which makes for an interesting look.

Jill-Christine Wiley starred as Ariel, with Patton Chandler as Eric, Aaron Ronelle as Sebastian, Cassandra Klaphake as Ursula, Mark DiConzo as King Triton, Gerard Lanzerotti as Scuttle, Tim Shawver as Grimsby, Vincent Jacovo & Kieran Klaphake & Tristan Klaphake & T.J. Rossi as Flounder, Joey Anchodo as Jetsam and Tyler J. Gasper as Flotsam.

US regional: Broadway of Branson (2015)

This Broadway of Branson regional production was staged at The White House Theatre in Branson, Missouri. It opened on 23 May but closed abruptly on 28 June, despite its plan to run until 5 September. Directed by Michael Crum, this production used an LED stage monitor to create backgrounds for the show.

Debbie McCasland starred as Ariel, with Sade Shine as Ursula, Charles Redding as Flotsam and Michael Frost as Jetsam.

US regional: Wagon Wheel Centre of the Arts (2015)

A regional production was staged at the Wagon Wheel Centre of the Arts from 3 to 13 June 2015.

Audrey Kennedy starred as Ariel, with Angel Lozada as Eric, George Vickers as Sebastian, Kristen Yasenchak as Ursula, Denny Burgos as King Triton, Parker Irwin as Flounder, Keaton Eckdoff as Scuttle, Nick Pelaccio as Flotsam and Alex Dorf as Jetsam.

US regional: Hale Centre Theatre (2015)

A regional production directed by John J. Sweeney was staged in the round at the Hale Centre Theatre in West Valley City from 5 June to 1 August 2015.

The show was double-casted, and starred Bre Welch & Amy Shreeve Keeler as Ariel, with Jon Rose & Taylor Morris as Eric, David K. Martin & Conlon Bonner as Sebastian, Brooklynn Kohler & Camille Van Wagoner as Ursula, Bryce Clifton & Rhett Richins as King Triton, and Tyler Rowe & Thomas Wood as Flounder.

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US regional: Chicago Shakespeare Theatre (2015)

A regional production directed by Rachel Rockwell was staged at the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre from 3 July to 16 August 2015.

Rachel Eskenazi-Gold starred as Ariel, with Brandon Springman as Eric, Rebecca Finnegan as Ursula, Matthew Jones as King Triton, Joseph Anthony Byrd as Sebastian, Matthew Uzarraga as Flounder, Mark David Kaplan as Grimsby, Matthew Crowle as Scuttle, Adam Fane as Jetsam and Sean Blake as Flotsam.

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US regional: Peach State Summer Theatre (2015)

A regional production by Peach State Summer Theatre, directed by Jacque Wheeler, was staged from 3 to 19 July 2015.

Holli Smith starred as Ariel, with Britton Hollingsworth as Eric, as Barbara Dare Thomas Ursula, and Herb Porter as King Triton.

US regional: Alabama Shakespeare Festival (2015)

A regional production with plenty of wirework was staged at the State Theatre in Montgomery, Alabama from 8 July to 9 August 2015. This production was directed by Geoffrey Sherman.

Michelle Pruiett starred as Ariel, with Jeff Sears as Eric, Donna Migliaccio as Ursula, Kevyn Morrow as King Triton, J. Cameron Barnett as Sebastian, Henry Hodges as Flounder, Rodney Clark as Grimsby, Billy sharpe as Scuttle, Brandon Curry as Jetsam and Jeremy Pasha as Flotsam.

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US regional: Gretna Theatre (2015)

A regional production directed by Jason Summers was staged at Gretna Theatre from 9 to 19 July 2015.

Amanda Smith starred as Ariel, with Thaddeus Pearson as Eric, Kathryn Kendall as Ursula, Elliot Dash as King Triton, Aaron Ronelle as Sebastian, Noah David Felty as Flounder, Kenneth Derby as Grimsby, Kenny Francouer as Scuttle, John Cardenas as Jetsam and Kodiak Thompson as Flotsam.

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US regional: Theatre by the Sea (2015)

A regional production directed by Billy Sprague Hr. was staged at Theatre by the Sea in Rhode Island from 22 July to 15 August 2015. The costumes and some of the cast are the same as the North Shore production.

Adrienne Eller starred as Ariel, with Austin Colby as Eric, Keisha Gilles as Ursula, Joseph Torello as King Triton, Nkrumah Gatling as Sebastian, Andrew Holder as Flounder, Tom Roberts as Grimsby, Zachary Berger as Scuttle, Robert Conte as Flotsam and Daniel Hurts as Jetsam.

US regional: Theatre Under the Stars (2015)

Following the success of last year's touring production, the Theatre Under the Stars had a reprise, this time traveling to the Hobby Centre for Performing Arts (10 to 13 September), Saenger Theatre (15 to 20 September), Majestic Theatre (22 to 27 September), Bass Concert Hall (29 September to 4 October), and Orpheum Theatre (8 to 18 October).

Alison Woods starred as Ariel, with Eric Kunze as Eric, Fred Inkley as King Triton, Jennifer Allen as Ursula, Melvin Abston as Sebastian, Adam Garst as Flounder, Jamie Torcellini as Scuttle, Scott T. Leiendecker as Flotsam, Jeffrey Christopher Todd as Jetsam, and Time Winters as Grimsby.

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US regional: Arkansas Repertory Theatre (2015-2016)

The Arkansas Repertory Theatre staged a production directed by Melissa Rain Anderson, which features some clever trapeze work and aerial silks by acrobatics troupe 2 Ring Circus to create the illusion of being underwater. The design is very Vegas, with lots of sparkle and glitter throughout. This production ran from 4 December 2015 to 2 January 2016.

Katie Emerson starred as Ariel, with Shayne Kennon as Eric, Evan Tyrone Martin as King Triton, Amy Jo Jackson as Ursula, Cornelius Davis as Sebastian, DJ Plunkett as Flounder, Ben Liebert as Scuttle, Jared Green as Flotsam, Zach Green as Jetsam, and Jack Doyle as Grimsby.

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US regional: Mercury Theatre Company (2016)

The Mercury Theatre Company staged a production at Notre Dame College from 5 to 20 August 2016. This staging used fabrics to create the illusion of water. Thanks to Sarah for letting me know about this production!

Talia Cosentino starred as Ariel, with Zack Stark as Eric, Kelvette Beacham as Ursula, Grant Michael Guton as Sebastian, Cole Emerine as Scuttle, Ian Lawrence as Flotsam, and David Lenahan as Jetsam.

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