While most of this site is a result of my own, uh, enthusiasm for animated movies, there are a number of other people whose contributions were vital to expanding its contents. Without these fellow fans and (self-assumed) friends, this site would be much duller indeed.

Here, I wish to state my appreciation. Hmm. This might be a long list. ;)

In roughly chronological order, I wish so say massive thank-yous to:

Alf, Alyson, ArielGirl21, Arsh, Bree, Ciro, ColorfulLemonDrops, Elaina, Gemsi, Jamii Nesbitt, K, Kayte, Lau, Mavu, Melissa, Niandiel, Shannon, Shine, Starstoryteller, Zoe: For sharing your Little Mermaid fanart. The gallery would be scant without you. Mell, my previous webhost who was terribly kind and awesome.

Simon (Scriba): For letting me archive your epic Little Mermaid fanfic.

Anon Swan Lake fan: For providing me those awesome Swan Lake images and the link to the movie transcript.

Jamie: For helping me with various unseen Little Mermaid stuff, and for supplying the lyrics for Return to Neverland's I'll Try.

Sue: For your massive behind-the-scenes support and your Little Mermaid fanfic.

Jarreth 2: For your unseen support and awesome Little Mermaid fanart.

Veronica: For sharing your crucial Thumbelina screencaps.

Mac: For sharing your Little Mermaid and Swan Princess fanart.

Szico: For providing the downloaded mp3s.

April: For your enthusiasm, Swan Princess bloopers and Little Mermaid fanart.

All the commenters and supporters of the Little Mermaid anime: Your feedback was much enjoyed.

(Princess) Kristen: For sharing your Little Mermaid and Swan Princess fanart.

Jessica (Balcer): For your helpful Swan Princess trivia and bloopers.

Rogue: For your behind-the-scenes support, which is more helpful than you know.

Ericka, Glossy (Yukimura), Nikki and Sophie: For your much-coveted Swan Princess fanart.

Lina: For your unseen Thumbelina-esque support, and sharing the Thumbelina gif.

Carolyn: For sharing images of your lovely home-made Swan Princess doll dresses.

Styx: For your unseen fandom-wise support.

Baby26: For sharing your Pocahontas fanfic.

Jay: For supplying little-known info and images of the Songs from the Sea album.

Sharon: For supplying even littler(heh)-known info and images on the Ariel's Favorites album.

Marissa, Clare, Jenna and Dee: For pointing out extra Swan Princess bloopers.

Lindsey: For sharing your Pocahontas fanfic.

Sparky: For your wonderful behind-the-scenes support, and providing more stomping ground for the tiny Thumbelina fandom.

Danielle: For sharing your Little Mermaid, Swan Princess and Pocahontas fanart.

Joahn and Alex: For pointing out my lyrical Little Mermaid mistakes.

Prince of Myths: For sharing your Little Mermaid fanfic.

Daniel: For being so very awesome and sharing your Little Mermaid resources with me... I still can't figure out how to repay you.

Bia: For your behind-the-scenes support, and sharing your Little Mermaid rant.

Mariah: For providing the Little Mermaid demo lyrics and pointing out various Swan Princess bloopers.

Saskia: For sharing your Little Mermaid and Swan Princess fanart.

Gabriella: For various lyrical aids and mutual behind-the-scenes support.

Sarita: For your screencaps which are adorning the Kissing Place and Thumbelina gallery.

Eric: For the head's up on the Faerie Tale Theate boxed set series.

Lisa: For your behind-the-scenes support, your Pocahontas fanart and and sharing the Swan Princess music with me.

All the icon makers: For graciously allowing me to archive and display your work.

Sadira: For your reviews and behind-the scenes encouragements.

AlRam: For sharing your awesome Little Mermaid and Thumbelina fanart.

Lucy: For sharing your lovely Swan Princess dollz and supplying missed-out Swan Princess bloopers.

Ellie: For sharing your Little Mermaid fanfic.

Mad Hatress: For your Thumbelina and Little Mermaid fanart, your Pocahontas submissions, and for gracing livejournal-land.

Aquisha: For your Little Mermaid fanfic and lovely behind-the-scenes nudging in the right direction.

Joey: For spilling over with the fandom love.

Alyssa, Elizabeth and Mysterious Anon: For your varying Swan Princess blooper comments.

Becky: For sharing the Swan Princess love with me.

Princess Reburta: For your participation and various tidbits littered all over the place.

nachonaco: For your fandom ramblings and phwoar setting up of the forum.

Rousselle: For sharing the TLM love and your Skybox card scans.

Jamie Bunyi: For going through all the trouble of correcting the If I Never Knew You lyrics within my colour code. And other Pocahontas stuff.

Viasacra: For sharing your lovely Thumbelina fanart.

Adam: For sharing various Little Mermaid things with me.

Joel: for helping out with a whole bunch of Little Mermaid music.

ARGH I know I've forgotten some people... This is what happens when you've handled a site for nearly four years and the finer details have slipped through your fingers. I'll be adding to this list as I remember them.

If I've missed you, feel free to smack me one. Whatever the case...


Hey, that rhymed.

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