And that one is...



From 22nd October 2006 until 15th April 2007, I held a Villainous Celebrity Deathmatch where animated villains faced-off in one-on-one matches, and the winners of each match proceeded to the next round and so on, reaching The Villainous Champion, who wasn't meant to win anything out of virtue of he/she/it being a fictional character, but I promised to sing praises of said villain in a special tribute.


The matches occured in a series of polls in which visitors voted for who they'd think would be the winner of each face-off. Voting lasted for one week from the day that the poll was put up, after which the results were posted and the next matches put up.


Only famous villains from Western animated movies entered the deathmatch. I know it's not fair for television villains and villainous sidekicks, but if every character with villainous inclinations entered the deathmatch, it would take years to complete.


The match is over, and the winner is Maleficent. The full results of the first round are here, full results of the second round are here and the results of the rest of the rounds are here. A tabled summary of the villains in the deathmatch is here and a tree diagram showing how the villains progressed is here.

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