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This used to be a group for discussion, but now I only use it to share notices for when my site updates.

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This is where I blog about things related to this website and animation in general.

Animation links

Kristin's Studio

Lady fair Kristin draws gorgeous art, mostly Aladdin and Harry Potter but I can say firmly that everything is worth checking out here. *goes all googly-eyed at the pretty pictures

Animated Heroines

If sites can be veterans, Animated Heroines is one of them. It's been around forever and I've been a loyal visitor for what seems likes ages now, and this site's thoroughness originally de-spired (instead of "inspired") me to make a site. Because I figured, hey, with sites likes these around, why should I bother? I loff this site to bits.

The Animated Heroes page

A "brother" site to the aforementoned Animated Heroines site, made with roughly the same template, although slightly different.

Animated Lust

Another veteran site, although admittedly much more active and community-based. I visit this place, but mostly to haunt it without making my presence known because there's just so much going on here I wouldn't know where to start.

Fantasies Come True
Commercial site where you can buy really cool Disney merchandise... I want so much of the stuff offered here it's really sad. You really should visit the place, even if only to pine and yearn for the oodles of pretty pretty things that are for sale. O_O

Alex's Fun Place
A simple but lovely personal Disney-dedicated site which features colouring book pages, lyrics and puzzles. (Lyrics lyrics lyrics!)

Gallant Nymphs of Animation

Up-and-coming site that spotlights various gallant heroines, both mainstream and not. If this site keeps growing the way it does, it'll probably become one big massive archive. In addition to that, it's already one of the more personalised sites due to the webmistress' sprinkling of thoughts and notage all over the place (mmm, just the way I like it).

The Unofficial Cats Don't Dance Site

An absolutely amazing fansite tribute to Cats Don't Dance. There's loads to see and do, and personally I love checking out the fanart page.


You wouldn't think this site was fanbased, based from the professional look it has. But it is, and its function is to provide a base of reference for animated movies and tv series, along with detailed reviews and the suchlike. Very useful for acquiring immediate info about animation-related stuff.

The Ice Cave

Incredibly spiffy looking fansite that should make most other fansites (including my own) green with envy. Dedicated to Balto, one of the most underappreciated great animated movies ever.

Dream Valley

Extremely thorough site dedicated to the 80's toy phenomenon My Little Pony, of which I was a part of. Strictly speaking, this isn't an animation site, but it does have a section dedicated to the animated My Little Pony shows, so that counts.

A very thorough website set up by a very dedicated Meeko, and is exactly as advertised: a one-stop resource for Disney DVD listings.

A new website for the Shrek series, also helmed by Meeko of the above site.

A massive and uber-dedicated fansite for the entirety of The Lion King's franchise that serves as a hub for the fan community.