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Type: Movie clip

Scene: Jamie learns that his dog Stanley is special.

Featuring: Jamie (Carl Stevens), Stanley (Marshall Efron), Jamie's mom (Cloyce Morrow)

Duration: 2 mins 22 secs

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Movie summary

The Fluppy Dogs, intelligent canine-looking adventurers from another world, enter our world in their search for their way home, and find that this world may be their most challenging adventure yet.

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The Fluppy Dogs encountered in this show are a bunch of adventurers. Consisting of Stanley, Tippy, Ozzie, Bink and Dink, they travel to different worlds through doors that can be opened with the aid of a magical key. On their journey to find their way home, they stumble into our world. Mistaken for normal dogs, they are placed in a pound, and Stanley is adopted by Jamie, an average kid who's always wanted a dog of his own. 

With one thing and another, Stanley reveals his secret and enlists Jamie's aid to help free the rest of the Fluppies, and find another door to at least get them out of Jamie's world. However that is a task more difficult than it appears because their key is losing its power to open doors, and the Fluppies are being hunted by Mr Wagstaff, a filthy rich collector of rare and exotic animals.


Fluppy Dogs uses the old-Saturday-afternoon-school Disney animation style, the kind that we used to see in Gummi Bears, Ducktales and Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers -- bright colours with depth of tone, and a very soft but warm drawing style. Ah, the good 'ol days. They had killer music themes back then, too. *is nostalgic

Anyway, Fluppy Dogs is a very light adventure, the kind that is best enjoyed on a lazy weekend. It's just a simple story about friendships, and adventures, and being able to take risks when the moment calls for it. Personally, what with more and more animated shows taking place in other worlds that are so fantastically away from our own, it's nice to once in a while see something take place in a world that looks warm and familiar. 

The Fluppy gang are adventurers that would make Enid Blyton proud. They've been travelling from world to world without any idea of how to get home, and doing it simply because they can. I mean, I could understand if they had an actual purpose, but they're simply travelling for the excitement of it. And that's like, whoa. Very risky. 

Stanley's the leader, so we get to see him the most, especially alongside Jamie who ends up becoming his best friend. I think of Stanley as the little wedge that finally opens Jamie (who seems a little tense) up to the prospect of doing things a little differently. Stanley seems to be the strongest adrenaline junkie of the gang, and until he met Jamie, I have a feeling that he never really understood that everything he does has consequences outside his own rush. But that's just me. Jamie himself seems perpetually on the edge of having a heart attack. He's not an outright nerd (though Claire keeps calling him one), but it does seem that he has a slight tendency to be tense, though I find it perfectly acceptable. (I can be a little tense myself, heh.) 

Tippy is the main girl of the gang, and she typically bonds with Claire (Jamie's next-door neighbour). Tippy's purple coat is very funky, I like. As for Claire, she's awesome in a happy-go-lucky way. She's also sixteen, judging from the car and the carefree attitude, but considering how most teens treat ten-year-olds and their strange pets, she's extremely gracious and cool. She reminds me a lot of Julie from The Next Karate Kid, or Amy from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

As for the rest of the Fluppies, there's Ozzie, who seems to be the guardian of the key. And he sounds suspiciously like Garfield... Oh wait, it is Garfield. ^_^ As for Bink and Dink, they're the kids, and presumably brother and sister from the way that act around each other. In fact, they do seem to be a very closely knit little group, so I wouldn't be surprised if they were at least distantly related to one another.

On the whole, Fluppy Dogs is a nice little popcorn show, made with Disney's charms of yesterday. It's light, fun and funny, with a handful of tense moments that make it seem all the more realistic a show, even if it's starring little talking dogs. :)

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