Gallery: Disney's Enchanted Stories

Disney's Enchanted Stories is a short-lived comicbook series by Acclaim Books, where each issue featured new stories based on various films of the Disney canon.

Indian Fashion (1997)
Pocahontas yearns to follow in her late mother's pageantry glamour in comic, which was in issue vol. 1, no. 1.
River of Youth (1997)
"River of Youth" is the main story of issue vol. 1, no. 2. In this story, a misunderstanding arises when the son of Ponce de Leon arrives on the scene, thinking that he has found the fountain of youth at last.

The Best Gift (1997)
This short story was in issue Vol. 1, no. 3, and features Pocahontas's gifting efforts to her father sabotaged by Meeko.

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