Memorable Moments (1)

1607, London. The Virginia company is getting ready to set sail their expedition to the New World. The members of the expedition bid their farewells to their friends and families. For young Thomas this is first voyage, and here we get a moment between him and his family, exchanging fond goodbyes. young Thomas saying goodbye to his.
Thomas, Ben and Lon board the Susan Constant and, hey, a surprise! Celebrity adventurer, Captain John Smith, is joining their crew.
While all the other crew members are busy waving farewell to their loved ones, John Smith turns away from London to look at sea.
When the storm hits, John Smith shows exactly why he has the reputation that he has when he dives into the sea to save Thomas. Crazy guy.
Ratcliffe natters on about the New World to boost the men's the morale, but John Smith just puts on his "bored now" face. He's probably heard that speech one-too-many times, I reckon.
Wiggins: Stirring oration, sir. I'm sure the men are most exhilarated!
Ratcliffe: Let us hope so. I'll need those witless peasants to dig up my gold, won't I?

Ratcliffe gives us a glimpse of his true colours.

Kekata entertains the children. (Rabbit)
We are introduced to Pocahontas. One of the coolest character intro shots ever.
Nakoma: No, not that... way.

When Nakoma calls Pocahontas to come down from her cliff hangout, she decides to take the dramatic shortcut. Why not?

Nakoma: Show off.

Yeah, someone's not impressed.

Nakoma: Don't you think we're getting a little old for these games?

Not yet!

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