Memorable Moments (3)

Thomas and Lon are breathless with wonder as they view the New World.
Pocahontas creeps out from behind a rock to get her first glance of the pale visitors. Though her expression does not change, one pale visitor in particular catches her eye: a Captain John Smith.
John and Meeko get to know each other.
But Flit doesn't warm up to Captain Smith quite so easily.
Meanwhile, the rest of Pocahontas' people aren't quite so optimistic about their new visitors. Kekata gives an assessment of the paleface that acknowledges their fears.
Powhatan: Let us hope they do not intend to stay.


Dramatic irony! We cut to Governor Ratcliffe, claiming Jamestown for himself.
Mine, Mine, Mine, an accurate summary of the English's attitude towards the New World. Mine, mine, mine, take, take, take. Nicely done.
Pocahontas continues to stalk the supposedly expert John Smith affectively without alarming him to her presence.
Smith scouts the terrain, and likes what he sees. (Put your hands in the air!)
When he stops to take a drink, he finally realises that he's being watched. About time.

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