Memorable Moments (8)

Nakoma's only fault was that she was trying to be a good friend.
Pocahontas and John Smith share a moment of quiet resignation, knowing the morning appears to bring death to both their peoples.
As the rest of his people get ready for a battle, Thomas starts to feel guilt. Smith's only being punished for something that he did, and now they're going to war over it.
The weather foreshadows war.
Pocahontas: I feel so lost.
Lost? Why, Meeko knows what to do if you get lost. He takes out John's compass from his treasure trove and gives it to Pocahontas, who looks at it for the first time. Then she realises... spinning arrow.
She knows her destiny now.
The execution set is ready.
But just before Powhatan can strike, Pocahontas throws herself on top of John.

Pocahontas: If you kill him, you'll have to kill me too.

Pocahontas: Look around you! This is where the path of hatred has brought us. This is the path I choose, father. What will yours be?

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