Memorable Moments (9)

Powhatan stills his raging heart long enough to listen to reason, and orders Smith to be let go. The lovers embrace, relieved.
But Ratcliffe's not having any of that, and raises his own gun.
John steps in the way of the bullet that was meant for Powhatan. The bullet that would have definitely triggered the battle that Ratcliffe wanted.
For the first time Thomas is able to stand up confidently for what he believes is right, and orders Ratcliffe taken away.
The last bit of cargo to be loaded on to the Susan Constant.
Meeko, Percy and Flit also find their own sidekick harmony together.
Pocahontas knows that the right path is not the easiest one. She is the peacekeeper in these volatile times, and needs to stay where she is needed.
Their roles reversed from where they were before.

John Smith: I can't leave you.

Pocahontas: You never will. No matter what happens, I'll always be with you. Forever.

John bids goodbye to Pocahontas.
Who responds in kind, a peaceful smile on her own face.

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