Different Dummer

This is another early version of Pocahontas' introductory "I Want" song, as featured in the Legacy Collection soundtrack. The tune is quite lovely but has a very different, younger feel, as befitting a version of Pocahontas that has different insecurities and interests.

Hega hega ya-hi-ye hega
Ya-hi-ye ne-he hega

Hega hega ya-hi-ye hega
Ya-hi-ye ne-he hega

I know the paths my people walk, they're old and smooth and good
Why do I pick a different path to follow through the wood
And I know the songs my people sing, they're true and pure and strong
Why does my heart keep echoing a new and different song
Am I doing something wrong?

I hear a different drummer playing in my head
Why can't I hear the beat my brother does instead?
Sometimes I wonder if
I'll dance right off a cliff
From dancing to a different drummer

I hear a different drummer playing sweet and loud
I make my father laugh, but can I make him proud?
Or will I always be
As useless as a flea
As flighty as a bee in summer?
From dancing to a different drummer

Hega hega
My Sister Moon is shining bright
Hega hega
Why do I see things in a different light?

Grandmother Willow
You hear a different drummer, daughter, I agree
But child, your music doesn't sound so strange to me
In fact from where I stand
I hope it fills the land
Many a-winter and a-summer

Then why am I the only dancer
Who's dancing to a different drummer?

I want to see my father's eyes smile at me with pride
I want to know when he's feeling lost, I can be his guide
But does it mean I have to change who I am inside

Grandmother Willow
Meanwhile there's nothing you can do
Except to go on being you

Except to go on dancing to
A different dummer

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