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Author: Alyssa

Title: The Forbidden Tale

Date added: 19 May 2008


Author: JC

Title: The Swan Princess 4: Back to the Throne

Date added: 26 Mar 2008

Author's Notes: My first fan fic, and as you can see I got a little carried away. I hope to do more, only in shorter 'episodes'. Anyway, if you have questions or comments, email me at . I hope you enjoy this story about Derek and Odette's kidnapped daughter.


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Title: A Perfect Lure

Date added: 6 April 2008

Author's Notes: My second fan fiction is a follow up of the first. Itís shorter this time (I didnít go as crazy) Anyway, itís about Alexís new abilities and how sheís using them. It also features another familiar villain. Again, if you have questions, comments or anything else, my email address is . *Note- I may be switching to writing in first person. Weíll see.


Title: A Stressed Statue: Alexís Wrongful Punishment

Date added: 7 May 2008

Author's Notes: Okay, my third Fan Fic. I worked extra hard on this one. Itís about Alex finding herself smack in the middle of trouble (again) and being the cause of her trouble. This one is kind of sad. If you get choked up (or cry) email me. Even if you feel sad just a little, tell me, I want to know.


Author: Lake-Lily

Title: A Captain's Share

Date added: 29 June 2007

Summary: This story is about Derek's close bond with King William's captain and the thoughts on his final moments with him. Very sad. Especially when you have to relive his final moments in the actual movie.


Author: Lisa B

Title: Love Will Never Die

Date added: 29 April 2006


Author: Raedyn L


Title: pointing out the moon

Date added: 21 April 2006

Summary: Basically, a play-by-play of key events throughout the movie from Odette's point of view with one little tiny scene added at the end. And if you think it's going to be boring, then don't worry--I have taken great liberty with this piece.


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