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Memorable Moments

The Swan Princess: Page 3

Rogers: “Odette's not coming back. The whole kingdom knows it.
Derek: “The whole kingdom's wrong! Odette's alive, and I'm going to find her.”

Yay for Derek's determination!

Musician: “This is ridiculous! I'm an artist, not a boar.”
Rogers: “Could've fooled me.”

I am so in love with his sarcasm.

Rogers: “Down on all fours, please, and growl fer-rociously. Liven it up a bit! I want you strike fear into my heart! Not you, Wesley! You're a rabbit, for heaven's sake.”
The “Duck! What?” line always gets me in stitches.
Turns out Derek really did win the archery practice after all.

Rogers: “Whoops, so sorry...”

This scene, while funny, also sets up a plot point involving Bromley which is essential for the climax later on.

Jean-Bob enthusiastically attempts to get Odette a bunch of flowers in order to get a kiss.
Speed: “By the way, how are you gonna get back?”
Odette gets all coy. Well, she is a good flirt after all, ain't it?
The entire Far Longer than Forever sequence. Simple, but sweet. I like. (The song or the sequence, take your pick.)

Jean-Bob: “I have no friends, only servants. And zey call me Your Highness.”

Puffin gets introduced to Jean-Bob.

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