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Memorable Moments

The Swan Princess: Page 4

Rothbart proposes to Odette. Again.

Odette : “Every night you ask the same question.”
Rothbart: “No...”
Odette: “And every night I give you the same answer.”
Rothbart: “No!”

Odette was very cool and strong here. She rocks.

Uberta: “Beautiful. Simply beautiful.”

Uberta: “Surely one of these princesses will be able to get Derek's attention.”
Rogers: Absolutely... not.”

Derek: “It's not what it seems! Of course!”

Derek discovers the idea behind The Great Animal.

Queen Uberta does her lip thing. Extremely cute.

To which Derek cannot say 'no'.

Derek: “All right mother...”

Queen Uberta goes all enthusiastic about the ball.

Derek: “Don't make it one of your beauty pageants.”
Uberta: “No-no-no-no! It's just a few friends... and their daughters.”

Uberta: “I want this to be BIG!”

Plans for the ball...

Puffin: “Come on, we're going in.”
Jean-Bob: We?
Puffin: “What, you're not going to help us?”
Jean-Bob: “Oui.”

The entire sports chase during the No Fear sequence. Funny, I like!
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