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Memorable Moments

The Swan Princess: Page 7

chomps violently on the roses. I'd love to see her do that when in her human form.
Rothbart shows his temper for the first time since we've seen him. It's marvellous, really, how he doesn't explode at the first sign of trouble but instead saves up his wrath for the important moments.
"Odette" makes her entrance at the ball. Everyone is silenced.... and is it because she looks like the princess everyone had assumed was dead, or because she's gorgeous? One possible reason could be that she's the only one with a stunning black dress. (Probably not the reason, but I certainly would stare if someone who looked like that showed up in a dress like that.)
"Odette" winks at the Chamberlain.

Derek: “I was so worried...”
“Odette”: “Nothing could keep me away.”

Is it just me, or is "Odette" better-looking that the real Odette?

Speed: “Hurry up, slowpoke.”

Odette: “Oh, Jean-Bob, when this is over, remind me to give you a kiss.”
Jean-Bob: “Woo-hoo!”

Speed: “Friends call me Speed.”

Why I love Speed.

Uberta attempts to get a better look at "Odette".

Uberta: “I know he confides in you! Tell me, who is it?!”
Rogers: “I swear I've never seen her before. Although she does look a great deal like...”
Uberta: “But it couldn't be.... Could it?”

The real Odette shows up at the ball. And without a formal gown.
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