A list of characters that appeared in the animated franchise! These have been separated into sections based on where the characters were introduced, with some exceptions.

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The Movie

Ariel is the Little Mermaid of the title, a spirited and rebellious lass whose curiosity and hot-headedness often get the better of her. She is the youngest daughter of King Triton, ruler of the merpeople, and as such is probably his favourite daughter and his greatest headache. Ariel is passionately curious about all things have to do with the wonderful world up above, and goes out of her way to collect human things for a tremendous collection she keeps in her secret grotto. It is this curiosity that eventually leads her to cross paths with Eric, a human prince that captures her heart. Becoming human was never really part of Ariel's plan, but this turn of events makes it an actual possibility.

Ariel's best friend is Flounder, a friendship forged from when they were children. The TV series shares other factoids about the mermaid, such as that, unsurprisingly, Ariel's passion for all things having to do with humans makes her an outcast among the merpeople. But Ariel never seems to be affected by this, and has never considered changing the way she feels just because certain others think that it's the right thing do. In that vein, Ariel has a soft spot for all other outcasts, and befriends them easily. Ariel's Beginning depicts a slightly different youth for Ariel, where she grew up with an emotionally-absent father and discovers her talent for singing relatively late in life.

Return to the Sea sees a drastic change in personality as Ariel effectively becomes her father, coddling and over-protective over her daughter, Melody. Just as Triton did, or maybe worse, Ariel makes questionable decisions that ultimately cause a rift in the relationship between her and her daughter.

In all original animated incarnations, Ariel's voice is provided by Jodi Benson.

Eric is a human prince of an unnamed kingdom that exists near the fabled mercity of Atlantica. He is an adventurous sort, and the first Disney prince to be more than just a cypher. Merpeople are a legend, but Eric has a close encounter with one when Ariel saves him from drowning. Then in the aftermath he finds that the mysterious woman who saved him has left a mark on him that he cannot explain.

In the original film he is voiced by Christopher Daniel Barnes, in the series he's voiced by Jeff Bennett (2 episodes: Thingamajigger and Scuttle), and in the sequel he is voiced by Rob Paulsen.

Ursula is a devious and cunning villainess who knows how to spot weaknesses in others and exploit them for her own gain. Unlike the other merpeople, she is half octopus, and depending on the sources you search in, this form is either the way she was born, or what she was cursed to be. Ursula was banished from the kingdom of Atlantica for using black magic, but she craves the throne above all else and seeks to get it by whatever means necessary. When Ursula discovers that Ariel has fallen in love with a human, she contrives to trap her in an unbreakable deal, the way that she has trapped many others. And once in her grasp, she'd be that much closer to trapping King Triton.

In the TV series she makes four appearances (Against the Tide, Tail of Two Crabs, Heroes and Ariel's Treasures) where she's constantly searching for a way to defeat Triton and become Queen of Atlantica. She doesn't appear in the prequel or sequel, but she is mentioned in the sequel as being the motivation of her sister, Morgana. In all her animated incarnations she is voiced by Pat Caroll.

Vanessa is the name that Ursula calls herself when she takes on human form to distract Eric from Ariel, because Ursula doesn't play fair. Vanessa's physical form is a beautiful slim brunette whose physical appearance resembles a slightly wicked Ariel, and whose voice is Ariel's. Thusly, she is voiced by Jodi Benson.

Sebastian is a Jamaican crab of prominence in the royal court of Atlantica. At first he appears a staunch advocate of King Triton's distrust of humans, but it's hard to battle wits with someone as passionate as Ariel. Over the course of the movie he becomes Ariel's close friend and protector. He is mostly remembered for being a musical whizz, as evidenced by his participation in the royal concert, and later using song to do the work for him.

In the series he's much closer with both Ariel and Triton, and often joins on Ariel's adventures. Though he's rarely supportive of whatever mischief Ariel gets up to, he's much more tolerant of her adventurous ways than he was in film. In the sequel, he becomes the guardian of Ariel's daughter, Melody, because he really wanted to has the experience of his previous time holding that type of job. The prequel depicts Sebastian as being Triton's right hand crab, and hiding his secret musical talent because of Triton's ban of music in Atlantica.

He is voiced throughout all his animated incarnations by Samuel E. Wright.

Flounder is Ariel's best and most trusted friend whose seeming cowardice is always outweighed by his loyalty to his best friend. (I say "seeming", because although Flounder always moans and groans, his bravery always comes through one way or another.) It might be hard for outsiders to imagine what a cautious fish like Flounder can have in common with the outgoing Ariel, but their friendship surpasses social expectations, for the pair trust each other implicitly and are willing to go the distance to ensure that the other is happy.

Flounder has been voiced by various people: Jason Marin in the movie, Edan Gross in the TV series, Cam Clarke in the sequel, and Parker Goris in the prequel.

King Triton is the ruler of Atlantica, an aged and experience merman who harbours a deep fear and distrust of humans and everything that comes from their world. His fear is not unfounded, but because of it he constantly locks horns with his youngest and most unpredictable daughter, Ariel. Like fathers everywhere he only wants to keep his daughter safe, though unfortunately his good intentions get lost in translation and have the effect of driving Ariel to do exactly the opposite of what he wants.

In the series there are more sides shown to him: he is still strict about human things and keeping Ariel out of trouble, but he's laid-back about others and is a loving father with a good sense of humour. The series also has flashbacks as well as a deaging episode where Triton is reverted to a naughty child, showing that Ariel's troublemaking streak was inherited from her father. In the sequel he's become completely open to humans, but in the prequel he's far stricter than even the movie, though that only to do with music, since humans aren't mentioned as much.

He is voiced in the movie, the sequel and series by Kenneth Mars, though the series also depicts Triton as a child, where he's voiced by Whitby Hertford (Red) and Bradley Pierce (Calliope Dreams). In the prequel he's voiced by Jim Cummings.

Scuttle is an absent-minded seagull who (at the beginning of the movie) is Ariel's only link to the human world. Being a mermaid, there is so much that she wants to know about humans and their strange-looking things, and Scuttle claims that he knows everything and becomes her source of information. Unfortunately more often than not he gets things wrong, often leading to hilarious consequences. However, Scuttle does mean well and always comes through in the end when it's important.

He is voiced in the film and sequel by Buddy Hackett, while in the series he is voiced by Maurice LaMarche (two episodes: Scuttle and Island of Fear).

Flotsam and Jetsam are Ursula's eel minions or pets. They are inseparable and often interchangeable. They also have the magical ability to act as Ursula's external eyes, for whatever they see is transported back to what I can only refer to as Ursula's viewing bubble. Ursula is protective and affectionate towards her eels, though in the series their relationship is more disfunctional and mildly abusive. The eels are voiced in the film and TV series by Paddi Edwards.

Grimsby appears to be Eric's advisor and unofficial father figure, one of the few individuals whom Eric seems genuinely comfortable around. Though while Eric is more easy-going and relaxed, Grimsby seems to find pleasure in being proper and respectable. In the movie he's voiced by Ben Wright, and in the series (episode: Scuttle) and sequel he's voiced by Kay E. Kuter.

Carlotta is in charge of the domestic forces in Eric's castle, and if Grimsby is Eric's father figure, then she is his mother figure. Carlotta is bubbly with efficient enthusiasm as she carries out the simple tasks that keep the castle going, such as overseeing the royal meals and making sure that the royal guests have bubble baths to their satisfaction. She is voiced in the film and sequel by Edie McClurg.

Max is Eric's shaggy dog who becomes a key component in the event that lead Eric to almost drown in the ocean. Later, Max immediately recognises Ariel as the girl who saved Eric's life, but unfortunately he doesn't speak human. His doggy voice in the movie and sequel is provided by Frank Welker.

Chef Louis is the royal chef who loves his art, and though he doesn't contribute anything to the plot, he's given a comedic show-stopper in the form of "Les Poissons" and a brief rivalry with Sebastian the crab. He is voiced in the film, series (episode: Ariel's Treasures) and sequel by Rene Auberjonois.

The seahorse herald is a member of King Triton's court, and in the film performs two tasks: announcing the arrivals at the royal concert, and summoning Sebastian to King Triton's side when Triton wants to know more about Ariel's strange behaviour. His voice is provided by Will Ryan.

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The Series

Urchin is a close friend of Ariel and Flounder friend, and is a lonely orphan who may have turned bad if it hadn't been for Ariel's good influence. Urchin has no specific interest in human things, but he does love having adventures and there is always an adventure to be had whenever anyone hangs around Ariel. Urchin is a quick thinker in times of trouble and can be counted on to do the right thing when it's important. Urchin eventually becomes an unofficial part of the royal family, welcomed in the palace by King Triton and affectionately tolerated by Ariel's sisters.

He appears in the episodes Urchin, Marriage of Convenience, In Harmony @ The Evil Manta, Red @ Ariel's Gift, Beached, Trident True, T'ank You for Dat, Ariel, King Crab, The Beast Within and A Little Evil, making him the most-appearing new character in the series. He's voiced by Danny Cooksey.

The Evil Manta is a villain who, when he was first introduced, is hinted that he is very old and was sealed in a dormant volcano by ancient Atlanticans in order to protect the underwater city. Ariel's unfortunate good intentions lead the Evil Manta to escape and wreak havoc upon the citizens of Atlantica. He becomes a recurring villain in the series, trying various means and methods to defeat Triton and/or Ariel, and destroy Atlantica for good.

The Evil Manta appears in the episodes In Harmony @ The Evil Manta, Thingamajigger, Trident True and A Little Evil, and is voiced by Tim Curry.

Lobster Mobster and Da Shrimp are a pair of undersea gangsters who think more highly of themselves than they really are. They initially try to get Urchin to join their gang, and although that endeavour failed, they continue to target Ariel, King Triton and any other hapless victim they get in their sights on, hoping to take over something or get their claws around some treasure.

This pair appear in the episodes Urchin, Double Bubble and Thingamajigger. Lobster Mobster is voiced by Joe Alaskey and Da Shrimp is voiced by David Lander.

Arista is one of Ariel's sisters, and though she appeared in the film, she only really gains personality in the series. Through various episodes Arista is shown to be prideful, outspoken and constantly butting heads with Ariel over their differing points-of-view. However, Arista also has a softer side where she also admires Ariel's adventures and close friendships, making their sisterly bond a close (albeit tempestuous) one.

She appears in episodes Whale of a Tale, Stormy, Message in a Bottle, Beached, Trident True, Against the Tide, Tail of Two Crabs, Island of Fear and Land of the Dinosaurs, and is voiced by Mary Kay Bergman.

Spot is a baby killer whale who is the first of many new characters who are befriended and helped by Ariel in the series. When Spot is a baby, he's separated from his family when they are attacked by whalers, and he ends up near Atlantica. Though Flounder and Sebastian are fearful of him, Ariel only cares that he's a baby who's scared and alone, and is determined to care for him.

Spot appears in the episodes Whale of a Tale and Save the Whale.

Gabriella is a deaf-mute mermaid who is adventurous and outgoing, and is one of the few merpeople who openly accepts Ariel's fascination with the human world without prejudice. Her best friend and translator is Ollie, a blue octopus who reads her sign language. Ollie is voiced by Whitby Hertford.

The pair appear in the episodes Wish Upon a Starfish and Ariel's Treasures.

Stormy is a wild giant seahorse that is found tied up by Ariel in an isolated corral. Although Stormy is kept there under Triton's orders, Ariel is appalled. She sees her own free spirit reflected in Stormy, and is determined to swim free with him, despite Triton's claims that Stormy is too dangerous to ride or keep as a pet.

Stormy appears in the episode Stormy, and is voiced by Jim Cummings.

Simon the Sea Monster is a lonely sea monster who just wants to make friends, but doesn't quite have the skills for it. He sends out party invitations in bottles, but Ariel and gang are the first to respond. With Ariel's encouragement, Simon comes out of his cave in the hopes of making friends more directly.

He appears in the episode Message in a Bottle, and is voiced by Brian Cummings.

Prince Thor of Olympia is an athletic merman with some pridefulness, and at the suggestion of King Triton is to be partnered with Ariel for the Sea Games Aquabatics. So off Thor goes to Atlantica to see Ariel for himself, only to be caught in a misunderstanding where Ariel and gang think that Thor is meant to be married to Ariel.

He appears in the episode Marriage of Convenience, and is voiced by Jordan Jacobson.

The Bad Luck Creature is a poor, much-maligned creature who's feared and loathed by most inhabitants of the ocean because of its reputation of bringing bad luck to whomever is near it. Ariel, of course, isn't like "most", so she befriends and protects the sweet creature despite the misgivings of those around her. Ariel even names the creature Lucky to thumb her nose at its supposed reputation.

She appears in the episode Against the Tide, and is voiced by Frank Welker.

Zeus is Sebastian's childhood rival, who is better-skilled than Sebastian at almost everything, from sports to music to advising the king. Zeus isn't actively malicious towards Sebastian, but he is obnoxious about how talented he is and doesn't bother trying to hide it.

He appears in the episode Tail of Two Crabs, and is voiced by Mark Hamill.

Archimedes is an Atlantican humanologist and friend with kindred spirit, Ariel. He's curious about humans and the world above, but is much more knowledgeable than Ariel is. Archimedes lives outside the city because he's an outcast, but he's more than happy to befriend Ariel and share what he knows.

He appears in the episode Metal Fish, and is voiced by Rod McKuen.

Hans is a human explorer who, along with his cat Penny, uses a mini-submarine to dive into the ocean to observe is wonders with his own eyes. He almost drowns in this adventure, but is saved by Ariel and upon returning to land, pens a story based on his experiences titled "The Little Mermaid".

He appears in the episode Metal Fish, and is voiced by Mark Hamill.

Apollo is a famed Atlantican warrior who supposedly proved his courage at the Sargasso Wars. Ariel and Flounder get to spend some time with him, and discover that there's another side to the tales of Apollo's heroism, and it's only through their friendship that Apollo discovers what he's really capable of.

He appears in the episode Heroes, and is voiced by Ron Perlman.

Little Evil is the son of the Evil Manta, and thusly is groomed from birth to the ways of evil. However, he has the potential for more than that, which Ariel recognizes in him. A chance of friendship brings out another side in Little Evil, enough to show that he's really just a lonely kid that wants friends and a creative outlet.

He appears in the episode A Little Evil, and is voiced by Bradley Pierce.

Dudley is a turtle and a member of King Triton's court. He's an advisor of sorts, though different from Sebastian in that he's more about calculations, maps and record-keeping, which he provides for King Triton whenever necessary. Dudley is a slow-mover and slow-talker, but Triton enjoys his company, even in downtime when they place chess together.

Dudley appears in the episodes Thingamajigger, Eel-ectric City, Resigned to It, Calliope Dreams, Land of the Dinosaurs and The Beast Within.

Moray the Eel is a shady salesman whose only interest is in making a decent sale, no matter the customer or the victim. Ariel and gang know that he's not trustworthy, but he's not exactly a villain either.

He appears in the episodes Trident True, T'ank You for Dat, Ariel and A Little Evil, and he's voiced by Dave Coulier.

Emperor Sharga is a villainous character and the leader of the Sharkanians, a race of creatures that are related to sharks, just as merfolk are related to fish. He's known for being cunning and tricky, and does whatever he can to conquer Atlantica.

He appears in the episodes The Great Sebastian and King Crab, and he's voiced by Jim Cummings.

Alana is one of Ariel's sisters, and is given more to do in the series. She's friends with the popular Pearl, and enjoys parties, dressing up and having fun, but she's not as reckless as Pearl or a rebel like Ariel. She's also a good sister, and helpfully gives Ariel a makeover when they're go to go a party together.

She appears in episodes Whale of a Tale, Stormy, Beached, Eel-ectric City, Trident True, Giggles, Tail of Two Crabs, Island of Fear and Land of the Dinosaurs, and is voiced by Kimmy Robertson.

Pearl is a teenaged mermaid who is cool and popular, making her the object of aspiration and admiration of other mermaids, including Ariel sometimes. Pearl is stylish, loves to party, and rides a squid cycle with a crew.

She appears in episodes Red @ Ariel's Gift, Eel-ectric City and Calliope Dreams, and is voiced by Cree Summer.

Adella is one of Ariel's sisters, though she doesn't interact with Ariel much in the series beyond laughing at her antics. For Father's Day she always gives King Triton crown polish as a present.

She appears in episodes Whale of a Tale, Beached, Trident True, Giggles, Tail of Two Crabs, Island of Fear and Land of the Dinosaurs, and is voiced by Sherry Lynn.

The Crab Scouts are a trio of young crabs that form a troupe, whom Sebastian leads on expeditions and outings all over Atlantica. They're young and mischievous, which makes them quite the clawful for Sebastian. But they're also creative when it comes to solving problems, sometimes thinking out of the box.

They appear in the episodes Tail of Two Crabs, Metal Fish and Island of Fear, and are voiced by J.D. Daniels, Anndi McAfee and Malachi Pearson.

Crab Louie is a giant crab of a wanted criminal, feared by many. He is admired by Lobster Mobster and Da Shrimp, who want to prove their worth to him by taking over something in Atlantica. However, Lobster Mobster and Da Shrimp only know Crab Louie by reputation, so Sebastian is able to temporarily go undercover by impersonating him.

He appears in the episode Urchin, and is voiced by Jim Cummings.

The Count and Countess of Clambakersfield are a married couple and friends of King Triton from way back. They have a pair of adorable twins that Ariel ends up babysitting while their parents are being given a tour by Triton.

They appear in the episode Double Bubble and are voiced by Jim Cummings and Kath Soucie.

The mertwin babies of Count and Countess of Clambakersfield are an adorable but troublemaking pair that Ariel offers to babysit but quickly finds an armful. Despite having Flounder and Sebastian for help, the twins escape and end up being kidnapped by Lobster Mobster and Da Shrimp.

They appear in the episode Double Bubble and are voiced by Joan Gerber.

King Augustus is the king of Olympia, a war-hungry kingdom that hasn't actually been at war. King Triton reaches out to King Augustus with the hand of friendship, but those effors are almost ruined when a misunderstanding happens.

He appears in the episode Marriage of Convenience, and is voiced by Keene Curtis.

Attina is one of Ariel's sisters, and among those who gets caught up in Ariel and Urchin's pranks, and is disapproving of Ariel's antics.

She appears in episodes Whale of a Tale, Beached, Trident True, Tail of Two Crabs, Island of Fear and Land of the Dinosaurs, and is voiced by Kath Soucie.

Aquata is another of Ariel's sisters who doesn't quite get Ariel, and is victim to Urchin's pranks.

She appears in episodes Whale of a Tale, Beached, Trident True, Tail of Two Crabs, Island of Fear and Land of the Dinosaurs, and is voiced by Sheryl Bernstein.

Andrina is the most elusive of Ariel's six sisters, constantly in the background or group shots, but rarely having dialogue.

She appears in episodes Whale of a Tale, Beached, Trident True, Tail of Two Crabs, Island of Fear and Land of the Dinosaurs, and is voiced by Cathy Cavadini.

The looters are repitilian-looking underwater creatures that attempt to take over Atlantica by means of stealth, disguising their army as anemones as they march upon the city.

They appear in the episode Message in a Bottle, and are voiced by Frank Welker.

Glowfish is a colour-changing fish who managed to get a job in the palace as Treasurer for King Triton, when what he really wants is to have the treasure all for himself. When Triton's feeling under the weather, Glowfish manipulates Ariel into seeking out the Sorceress, so her magical "gift" of the youthstone that will get Triton out of the way.

He appears in the episode Red @ Ariel's Gift, and is voiced by Jim Cummings.

Sorceress (or The Lady in the Cave) is a spooky villainess who manifests as a disembodied head in a cave. She was cursed to be trapped in the cave by King Triton when he was young, and she conspires with Glowfish to get the trident and set herself free.

She appears in the episode Red @ Ariel's Gift and is voiced by Linda Gary.

Ebb and Flo are freshwater crocodiles who have made so much trouble in the freshwater communities that they need to move on to oceanwater. In Atlantica, they set their sights on the royal palace, hoping to steal its treasure when most of the royal family is away, but they didn't reckon with two princesses who can hold their own.

They appear in the episode Beached, and are voiced by Kath Soucie and Richard Karron.

Grandfather Neptune is Triton's beloved grandfather, whom Triton has fond memories about. He's only seen briefly in flashback in the episode Calliope Dreams, where he's voiced by Kenneth Mars.

The Ancient Seaclops is a powerful, ancient sea creature that is meant to sleep for a thousand years, but is woken up by the music of the sea calliope, an instrument the creatures HATES. He appears in the episode Calliope Dreams.

Pettigrew and Tom are a father-son pair that run Pettigrew's Penguin Park, a small circus-type attraction where the main stars are Pettigrew's Penguins. Despite Tom's misgivings, Pettigrew captures Spot the killer whale so to be the newest addition to their act.

The pair appear in the episode Save the Whale, and are voiced by Clive Revill and Jeff Bennett.

Sorcerer Blowfish is one of the many magic-wielding, rhyme-speaking blowfish of Ablow-Kadablow. He's a cranky one because he feels inadequate compared to the other fish, and he takes out his irritation on Ariel by placing a curse on her whereby whenever she laughs, she'll cause a deadly seaquake.

He appears in the episode Giggles, and is voiced by Jim Cummings.

Two other Sorcerer Blowfish are also seen, and they're very different from the orange Sorcerer Blowfish, where they're far more joyful and malicious with their spells, which they case on hapless victims Flounder and Sebastian to their own amusement.

The pair appear in the episode Giggles, and are voiced by Kath Soucie and Clive Revill.

The Magical Giant Starfish is a giant starfish that is supposed to grant wishes, or at least, that it what Gabriella and Ollie believe. Ariel and gang join Gabriella and Ollie on their quest to find the starfish, with Gabriella wanting to ask for a singing voice and Ariel wanting to ask for two tails to dance with.

He appears in the episode Wish Upon a Starfish, and is voiced by Tony Jay.

Mr. and Mrs. Crab are Sebastian's parents. They're very proud of their son and travel all the way to Atlantica to see him, but are under the impression that Sebastian is the king of Atlantica.

They appear in the episode King Crab, and are voiced by Hattie Winston and Samuel E. Wright.

Dr. Vile is a mad scientist who's obsessed with his crab experiments, hoping to transform regular crabs into monster ones. He's only been partially successful, resulting in various giant, monstrous crabs that roam around his laboratory-castle. Sebastian gets into his sights, but is far more wilely than the crabs that Dr. Vile is used to.

He appears in the episode Island of Fear, and are voiced by Kenneth Mars.

Daniel is Dr. Vile's assistant, though he's doing it to support his poor family, and not because he approves on the experiments that the doctor is doing. Daniel befriends Sebastian and helps him escape.

He appears in the episode Island of Fear, and are voiced by Justin Shenkarow.

The Octopan are a race of half-men half-octopus who have their sights on destroying Atlantica. They are strong warriors for a start, but get an extra boost thanks to the help of Ursula the sea witch.

There are various Octopans episode Heroes, but their leader is voiced by Clancy Brown.

The Fortune Teller is a sorceress of sorts who tells fortunes and knows the secret cure to the curse of the howling hairfish. Ariel and gang go to get her help when Flounder falls victim to the curse.

She appears in the episode The Beast Within, and is voiced by Linda Gary.

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The Sequel

Melody is Ariel's daughter who is dark-haired like her father, but retains the insatiable curiosity of her mother. Just as Ariel was obsessed with land, Melody is obsessed with the sea, and because she grew up not knowing the truth of her heritage, that obsession leads her down a path that almost destroys all that she cares about.

Melody as a princess is considered a "weirdo" who talks to animals, and before everything is revealed, she angsts endlessly that there is something strange and awful about her... which can't be further from the truth. She is voiced by Tara Strong.

Morgana is Ursula's crazy sister, and like all characters that appear in sequels, she's a new introduction of which there is no mention in the original film. Morgana doesn't have the intelligent deviousness that Ursula was known for, but she tries to make up for it by being insanely off-the-bend. Just as Ursula targeted Ariel's weakness, Morgana targets Melody's weakness, using the young princess against her own family. Morgana is voiced by Pat Caroll, who also voiced Ursula.

Tip and Dash are odd couple best friends, who in turn become best friends with Melody over the course of the sequel. Tip is a blow-hard penguin who is mocked by his fellow penguins for being a coward in dangerous situations, while Dash is a mellow walrus who sidesteps the courage question entirely. Both of them believe they're not heroic and never will be, but they find a new side in themselves when the join Melody on her quest and help her. Tip is voiced by Max Casella and Dash is voiced by Stephen Furst.

Undertow is Morgana's wise-cracking sidekick or second-in-command, a once-humongous shark that was zapped into a guppy in the opening sequence of the first sequel. The experience left Undertow bitter and angry, so he is often more devious and conniving than Morgana herself. Undertow is voiced by Clancy Brown.

Cloak and Dagger are Morgana's other minions whose function is slightly similar to that of Flotsam and Jetsam, but not quite. Cloak and Dagger are a pair of manta rays that don't talk, but occasionally snicker. They tend to do the simpler tasks that don't require much thinking.

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The Prequel

Marina Del Rey works in the royal palace for King Triton. She starts out as the governess of King Triton's seven daughters, but what she really wants is to be the king's second-in-command and she'll do anything to get it. Marina certainly likes to dress up with her own brand of style in a way that reminds me of Yzma (The Emperor's New Groove). She is voiced by Sally Field.

Benjamin is Marina's personal assistant, a manatee who keeps cool and calm under fire, which is all the more impressive in that he has to deal with Marina. He's amiable, listens to all of Marina's griping, feeds her pets, dances to her singing and gives her manicures (among, I think, a gajillion other tasks), and makes it look easy. He is voiced by Jeff Bennett.

Attina is, in the prequel, the oldest daughter of King Triton, and thus the most mature of the princesses. She feels responsible for her younger sisters, and in some ways acts as a conduit for their father, trying to his overprotectiveness and convince the others to be understanding. She's also particularly semi-maternal towards Ariel, though she's unafraid to call her out when she's overboard. She's voiced by Kari Wahlgren.

Adella is the boycrazy one among the seven princesses, hoping to meet cute merboys for a kiss, though she hasn't had much luck. She's also playful and joins Ariel in a game when they should be swimming dignified behind King Triton. She says that she's two years older than Ariel, which should make her one of the younger of the princesses, though the "official" birth order of the film has her being the third oldest. She's voiced by Tara Strong.

Andrina is the snarky one. She speaks her mind and often pokes fun at of her sisters' antics, but she does out of dry, affectionate amusement, and her sisters are well-used to her commentary. She's voiced by Tara Strong.

Arista is a little ditzy, a little excitable, but a sweetheart overall. She tends to "borrow" her sisters' things, with Aquata being a particular victim of her itchy fingers. She's voiced by Grey DeLisle.

Alana is the second-oldest of the princesses, but more preoccupied with her beauty regime than managing her younger sisters. She's voiced by Jennifer Hale.

Aquata is a bit of a dork. She's an awkward dancer and attached to her cutesy belongings that Arista likes to "borrow". She's voiced by Grey DeLisle.

Ink Spot, Ray-Ray, Shelbow and Cheeks are members of the the Catfish Club's band, who perform with Sebastian as their lead singer, and eventually escape Atlantica with Ariel and Flounder when they're caught by Triton's prohibition police. Ink Spot is a piano-playing octopus, Ray-Ray is a bass-playing manta ray, Shelbow a percussions-playing turtle and Cheeks is a saxophone-playing blowfish. They're voiced by Rob Paulsen, Kevin Michael Richardson, Jim Cummings and Kevin Michael Richardson respectively.

Queen Athena is Ariel's mother (who looks almost like a clone of very much like her), wife of King Triton and Queen of the underwater kingdom of Atlantica. She brought joy the everyone who knew her, which made her loss all the more difficult. She is voiced by Lorelei Hill Butters and sung by Andrea Robinson.

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