Gallery: Books and Short Stories (15)

Princess Party (2019)
This board book features party scenes for various princesses, and Ariel gets one in a sunken pirate ship.
Ariel and the Sea Wolf (2019)
This comic is about young Ariel as the mermaid who cried wolf. In it, Ariel has a tendency of telling her sisters stories of adventures she's supposedly been on that they can no longer believe her, which proves a problem when she needs to convince them that she's found a very real sea wolf in a cave. This book uses the princesses' youth as depicted in Ariel's Beginning, with the shared bedroom, along with Ariel being uncertain and not yet knowing actual adventure.
Dinglehoppers and Thingamabobs (2017)
Scuttle takes center stage in this book, which works kinda like a one-man (one-bird) monologue, as he shows off to the reader his collection of human things and their "function".
Ariel's Night Lights (2018)
Ariel's still learning about life on land, and in this sweet little story she and Eric get to share some aboveworld treasures together, namely fireflies and stars. Thank you to Grace for sharing these images!
Sweet Dreams at Last (2018)
Gotta love stories that explore Ariel's struggling to adapt to life on land! In this one, Ariel has been having trouble sleeping since she became human for good, so Eric and Sebastian help out in trying to find a solution.

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