Gallery: Books and Short Stories (16)

These are illustrated tie-in books for the Lego Princess line, which feature the various princesses being friends and living together in a Lego castle. The scans on this page are only of the images in the books that have Ariel.

Lost and Found (2019)
Jasmine loses a vase, and the other princesses search the palace to find it.
The Friendship Bridge (2019)
It rains heavily around the princesses' castle, causing the stream in their gardens to grow. The princesses work together to build a bridge over the stream.
Read and Imagine #3 - The Secret Room (2019)
The princesses are given a map of their castle that shows that there's a new secret room none of them know about. They need to put their heads together to find the room, as well as a way to get into the room.
Read and Imagine #1 - The Surprise Storm (2018)
The princesses's castle is hit with an unexpected glitter storm, and it's up to their ingenuity to put things back together and maybe even spruce things up.
Read and Imagine #2 - A Dragon in the Castle? (2018)
A dragon shows up outside the castle and the princesses decide to let it as a pet. Aurora, however, has some reservations. (Understandably!)
Ultimate Sticker Collection (2018)

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