Gallery: Books and Short Stories (17)

The Tambourine Dance (2020)
Ariel is excited to learn how to dance with the tambourine, but isn't confident on her legs.
Pearl of Wisdom (2020)
Triton's daughters are given special pearls as a mark of their coming-of-age and taking of new responsibilities, and Ariel needs to decide what her role she'd like to have. The one she decides on is a fitting one!
Flounder to the Rescue (1994)
Flounder is a little bereft when all his friends are busy, but he gets to do a small act of heroism all on his own.
Flounder's Gift (1994)
It's Ariel's birthday, but Flounder doesn't have a gift for her yet so he races against time to find one that will show her how important she is to him.
Ariel's Wish (1997)
This little book presents another way that Ariel and Flounder may have first met, and it's when Ariel's feeling lonely and wishes on a star to get a friend.

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