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Welcome to Daring to Dream, my fansite dedicated to Disney's classic animated flick, The Little Mermaid and its spin-offs.


1 January 2024 : It's a new year! For the comics page, I've finally gotten around to adding scans for the 1992 two-issue Disney's Sebastian comic, plus I've added sample scans for the refreshed Spotlight movie adaptation comic. In the gallery I've added scans of the Disney Princess comic The Big Race, scans from a Ladybird book of the film, and more colouring scans. A bunch of TLM characters appear in the Disney100 celebration short Once Upon a Studio, which I've added to the Bit Parts page. The Disney100 anniversary also saw another Blu-Ray re-release of the original movie, so I added info for that and other home media releases I previously missed to the movie page. I've managed to read Córdova's book Kiss the Girl and the TLM-related Twisted Tales Anthology short story, so I've expanded the blurbs for both on the Expanded Universe Novels page. In the Music section I've added a page and lyrics for the new Disney Princess anthem Like a Princess, which namechecks Ariel. Last but not least, in the Other Mermaids section, I've made a page for Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken.
20 August 2023 : A few days ago they dropped a new animated special of the Lego versions of the Disney Princesses, so I've made a page for that: Lego Disney Princess: The Castle Quest. Also recently out on streaming is the live-action movie, and I've updated that live-action movie page to include details on the specials that come with the digital release and later physical release, some details of the YA prequel novel, and a few more embeds of the promos and behind-the-scenes featurettes. I recently got my hands on the graphic novel "Twisted Tale: Part of Your World" (I do recommend!) so I've added some info on that book to the comics page. In the Gallery I've added scans for Ariel the Adventurous Princess and excerpts from Journey Through History. In the section for Other Versions of TLM I've added a page for The Triplets, and in the section for Other Mermaids I've added Barbie Mermaid Power and Mermaid's Song.
27 May 2023 : The live-action The Little Mermaid movie is out! I've updated the page about the live-action movie to add character posters, a list of songs in the movie, info about some of tie-in books, and more embeds of the teasers and featurettes. Related to that, I've added info about the two soundtrack albums to the music page, and added the lyrics for all the songs in the live-action movie, i.e. Part Of Your World, Fathoms Below, Part Of Your World (reprise), Under The Sea, Wild Uncharted Waters, Poor Unfortunate Souls, For the First Time, Kiss the Girl, The Scuttlebutt, and Part Of Your World (reprise II). Elsewhere, I've added scans of the short story "Eric Dives In" to the gallery and made a page for The Love Boat in the Other Mermaids section.
14 March 2023 : There's just a little over two months until the live-action movie comes out, and I've updated the page to include the newer trailers and promo posters. Over in the gallery I've added scans of the magazine comic Ariel as Queen, a bunch of excerpts (from "The Testing Room", "Cautionary Tales" and "How the Villains Ruined Christmas") and a couple more colouring pages. For the Expanded Universe Novels page I expanded the blurbs for "Prince of Song & Sea" and "Happily Never After: Vanessa" with some plot details and added a section for the "Meant to Be" series. For the Other Mermaids section I've added The King's Daughter and Invisible City.
10 September 2022 : Two months ago the incomparable Pat Caroll passed away, RIP!
In site update news, I've made a page for the upcoming live-action movie, now that we have a teaser. I've also updated the comics page with a listing of the Disney Princess comic strips, the 2016 Cinestory comic, the 2020 "Ariel's Adventure Journal: The Curse of the Sea Witch" graphic novel and the upcoming "Twisted Tale: Part of Your World" graphic novel. Over on the Expanded Universe Novels page I added listings for the upcoming "Prince of Song & Sea", the recently released "Happily Never After: Vanessa", and updated the "Twisted Tales" section with the graphic novel version and another alternate cover. Under Bit Parts and References I added the "Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers" movie and "The Simpsons: Welcome to the Club". To the gallery I added scans from 12 Days of Princess, and the colouring books Fashion Collection and Villains Colouring.
30 April 2022 : I've added some scans to the gallery, namely to the excerpts section (for pages from "Tales of Courage and Kindness", "Once Upon a Flower Girl" and "Dragons, Mermaids and Fairies"). Sophia Hammons performed a cover of Part of Your World for the Disney Princess Remixed TV special, so I've added the lyrics and a sample to that page. I've also added a page for the Sebastian song Cook the Cook, thanks to Joel for letting me know about it! For the section on Other Versions of TLM, I've added the anime Bubble (the main character is not literally a mermaid, but I've decided that it counts anyway).

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