Memorable Moments: The Little Mermaid

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Atlantica, home of the merpeople.

I remember watching the movie for the first time, I was totally awed by the amount of detail and realism given to the watery atmosphere. I'd seen other versions of The Little Mermaid before, but this was the first one that made me truly believe that such a world could exist. And the haunting opening sequence music still gives me goosebumps.

Ariel: "Not getting cold fins now, are you?"

The first of mer-isms in the movie.

Ariel: "Have you see anything so wonderful in your entire life?"

Ariel's wide-eyed wonder at something as simple as a fork.

Flounder: "What was that? Did you hear something?"
Ariel: "Flounder, will you relax? Nothing's going to happen!"
Ursula: "In my day we had fantastical feasts... When I lived in the palace."

Ursula's snacktime...

Scuttle's amusing but completely useless explanation for the use of a fork.

Ursula is just too cool. Unlike her other classic predecessors (eg. The Stepmother, Maleficent, Cruella de Vil), Ursula has a refined outward appearance that hides a core of raw malice and snarling anger. With that depth, she is more three-dimensional than those who came before her.

Ariel: "Nothing... happened."

After Flounder slips up in front of King Triton, Ariel has a weak go at defense. But Triton's seen too much of this behaviour to be easily willed by Ariel's innocent wide-eyed look.

The entire Part of That World sequence... This is one of my favourite Disney songs of all time. It's heart of the movie, and the heart of Ariel's character. Even after all this time, it leaves me breathless.

Ariel: "It's just my collection."

After Sebastian makes his presence known in her secret grotto, Ariel proves once again she's terrible at defense, and even worse at lying.

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