Memorable Moments: The Little Mermaid

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Ariel first sets her eyes upon Eric.

Eric's reaction to his birthday present from Grimsby. There's something about the pose and dramatic grandeur of the statue that's just... wrong.

The storm ... It's the event that will start up a chain reaction that'll change Ariel and Eric's lives forever. It was quite a bad storm at that. Was King Triton in a bad mood or something?

Ariel saves Eric's life. We never did hear him say thank you in the film, though.

Beached. Singing does wonders for reviving near-drowned princes. This is actually my favourite scene in the entire movie. The pose, the music, the earthiness of the animation, the feeling that you know something has happened, it all just adds up beautifully.

Ursula: "It's too easy!"

Things that are too good to be true usually are, but villains never have the foresight for that sort of thing.

Attina: "She's got it bad."
King Triton: "What? What has she got?"
Adrina: "Isn't it obvious, daddy? Ariel's in love."

Ariel's sisters are bewildered by her dreamy behaviour. By the way, I love Attina's funky hairdo (she's the one with the spikes).

Ariel: "He loves me... He loves me not... He loves me! I knew it!"

Total girl-in-love symptoms. I just love Ariel's dizzy giggle!

Sebastian: "Somebody's got to pin that girl's fins to the floor."

Despite going all out with the Under the Sea sequence, Sebastian finds it has actually no effect on Ariel's point of view.

Sebastian: "Yes, Your Majesty?"

A very nervous Sebastian answers King Triton's summons, thinking that he knows what he knows when actually he only thinks he knows something which is not the thing that Sebastian thinks he knows.

Sebastian: "I tried to stop her, sir! But she wouldn't listen! I told her to stay away from humans, they are bad, they are trouble!"
King Triton: "Humans? What about humans?!"

Sebastian lets it slip.

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