Memorable Moments: The Little Mermaid

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Ariel does Bambi eyes for Sebastian. How can anyone resist?
Eric: "Oh."

Eric sees Ariel for the first time.

Eric: "You can't speak?"

So close and yet so far!

Eric: "Wow, you must've really been through something."
Scuttle and Flounder give Ariel encouragement.
Of all places in the palace Sebastian had to end up in, it had to be the kitchen, didn't it?
Grimsby: "Isn't she a vision?"

Yes. Yes, she is.

Ariel tries to show off her knowledge on dinglehoppers. :D

Sebastian watches the dinner preparations. This scene is purely for comic relief and doesn't contribute to the story in any way, yet has succeeded in becoming memorable. Perhaps it foreshadows the unaddressed problem in the love story: How will Ariel adapt to life on land?

Louie: "What is zis?"

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