Memorable Moments: The Little Mermaid

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Grimsby: "Now let's eat, before this crab wanders off my plate."
Triton: "What have I done?"

King Triton regrets his actions. Of course, this guilt is pivotal to the plot later on...

Ariel's enthusiasm in sight-seeing Eric's kingdom is just too cute. She's finally able to explore the human world to her heart's content.
Ariel's reaction to Scuttle's "romantic" singing which pretty much says it all.
So Sebastian takes it upon himself to create the mood. (And he does waaaay better, although that goes without saying.)
Her name's definitely not Mildred.
Ursula: "That was close! Too close! The little tramp! She's better than I thought."

Of course she is! She's Ariel!

Eric decides that Ariel's the one for him. Yay! This is important, because it shows that Eric is in love with Ariel, and not only her voice that he heard on the beach.

Ariel overhears Eric's decision to wed Vanessa.

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