Memorable Moments: The Little Mermaid

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Whether she's a purple octopus lady or a human chick with amazingeyebrows, Ursula's still just too cool.
Ursula: "What a lovely little bride I'll make, my dear, I'll look divine / Things are working out according to my ultimate design / Soon I'll have that little mermaid and the ocean will be mine..."
Scuttle: "The witch! The witch was watching the mirror, and she was singing with a stolen set of pipes!"

Surprisingly, this roundabout blathering is one of my favourite funny speeches in animated moviedom.

Don't diss the dog. He's smarter than every single human being on that ship.
Oooh, Ursula doesn't look too happy.

Sometimes when I watch this scene, I like to mentally superimpose the image of Ursula on top of Vanessa. The final effect actually creeps me out a bit, because I don't think those animals would have had the courage to attack Ursula had she been, you know, in her scary octopus lady form.

Ariel gets her voice back. Yay!
Too late...
And Ariel's back to her true form.

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