Memorable Moments: Return to the Sea

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The proud parents and their little bundle of joy. All the returning characters look so young!
Morgana: "So I get the trident, avenge poor unfortunate Ursula, gain all the powers of the ocean, and it's not even ten o'clock. Not a bad morning."

Morgana does have her moments.

Undertow: "What have you done to me?! Look at me! I'm an anchovy!"
King Triton: "Sebastian, you will watch over [Melody]."
Sebastian: "Me?"

Poor little guy. Just when he thought he was done babysitting headstrong princesses.

Melody imitates Sebastian's "complete disregard for the rules" speech.
Sebastian: "You... You're just like... your mother."

This is a point that will be repeated throughout the movie, and with just cause.

Melody: "Sometimes, I even pretend I have... fins!"
Missing her home... I find this brief scene the most heart-wrenching in the movie.
Ariel: "We'll be right down. Gives us two minutes."
Eric: "Two minutes... Now where have I heard that before?"

LoL. I particularly like Eric's eye roll there.

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