Memorable Moments: Return to the Sea

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Flounder, a dad of five? Who'dve thought. Too bad we don't get to see his wife.
Melody meets a remarkably good-looking bleached blonde mer-boy that looks like he ought to belong to a surfer clique.
Tip: "Hey, I'm sorry what I said about the blubber."
Dash: "Yeah, and I'm sorry about the fish breath."
Tip: "Fish breath? You never said anything about fish breath."

Tip and Dash are quite possibly my favourite original characters in a Disney sequel. It's the snappy dialogue that gets me.

Tip: "Sure, take your time. Sit back, relax. Let's just linger here and die!

Sebastian goes on and on and on and on... I don't know, I just felt that Sebastian's character was rather dry in this one, and that makes me sad. He just didn't have much to do besides just being there.

Melody: "All this time... Atlantica wasn't that far from home."

And that ain't the worst of it, honey.

Ariel: "Scuttle, I want you to pay attention very carefully."
Flounder: "We're doomed."
Ariel & Melody: "You're a mermaid?!"
Undertow: "Grrr..."
Flounder: "Grrr yourself."
Morgana gloats. (Ariel's face looks extremely weird here.)

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