The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse

The classic Mickey Mouse shorts got a modern, comedically surreal revival in the mid-2010s. Featuring the favourites of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Daisy, along with many of their beloved friends and antagonists, the shorts eventually came under a new title: The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse, in 2020 for online streaming.

Keep On Rollin'

In the episode Keep on Rollin' Peg-Leg Pete crashes the gang's disco night part at the roller rink. Pete's date (and part of his gang) is none other than Ursula the sea witch, here voiced by the redoubtable Pat Caroll in all her crackling glory. Like the other Mickey Mouse shorts it has a specific type of humour that if it lands, is utterly fantastic in its wackiness, and I am totally here for it. Many thanks to Shira for notifying me about this episode!

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