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A Mermaid in Paris

French fantasy-romance film Une sirène à Paris is presented in fantastical colour and imagery in telling the love story between a man and a mermaid.

Gaspard is a 40-year-old who was brought up on romance and has a tough time letting things go. He works at his father's bohemian-style restaurant on a boat that has seen better days, and one night sees an injured mermaid on the Seine riverside. Gaspard takes the mermaid to a hospital, where a kind doctor named Victor tries to help her, but she uses her special voice on him: that voice being the only defensive power she has, to hypnotize and kill him.

Gaspard, however, is immune to the mermaid's special voice. He takes her to his apartment and, like the hoarder he is, is fascinated by her and refuses to take her back to the river when she asks him to. She gives him her name: Lula. Although she's scared by her new surroundings and needs to get back to the river within two days or she will die, Gaspard is persistent in introducing her to his world. In stylized fairytale imagery, Lula learns what love is, and Gaspard realizes that he's still a romantic at heart.

Meanwhile, Victor's pregnant girlfriend, Milena, is distressed and confused by Victor's sudden death. Her world doesn't have the bright fairytale colours that Gaspard and Lula's does, because she's out to investigate what killed her beloved and get her justice.

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