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Blue My Mind

Blue My Mind is a mature, Swiss coming-of-age drama centered on Mia (Luna Wedler), an almost-sixteen year old girl whose family has just moved to a new city. Change is scary, and in this case Mia is not only facing the change of location and social setting, but also a very literal physical change as her body slowly and painfully transforms into a mermaid.

This isn't really a mermaid film per se, but one of those stories that use transformation as a symbol of the character's mental state. Why is Mia transforming? Is she adopted, as she thinks she is? It doesn't matter. Mia's desperation to fit in, drugs and promiscuity and shoplifting and all, is mirrored by the gory body horror of her transformation as her toes fuse, her bellybutton disappears, and bruised scales appear on her legs. It's a scary, ugly and confusing journey, and Mia feels lonely through a great deal of it, but finds connection with one of the girls, Gianna, and perhaps a semblance of peace at the end of it.

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