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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Science-fiction TV series Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea follows the exploits of the submarine Seaview in its actions of underwater exploration, investigation and defense. Though somewhat based in reality, the show does have elements of the fantastical and supernatural.

Season 3 has an episode titled "The Mermaid", where the submarine's Captain Crane spots a mermaid during an otherwise typical scouting session. He goes out on a solo dive to capture the mermaid, and brings her back to the sub. After that, things go haywire with a sea creature breaks into the sub to cause havoc, ultimately causing the sub to crash on the sea floor, and delaying the crew from a critical mission elsewhere.

Interestingly, this episode uses footage from Mermaids of Tiburon, with the same actress who played the mermaid queen in that movie, Diane Webber, returning to film new footage for this TV episode.

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