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Xena: Warrior Princess

The fantasy-adventure television series Xena: Warrior Princess is a spin-off of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and is set in the same mythical/quasi-history setting. The lead pair of the show are Xena, a former warlord out to redeem her past wrongs, and Gabrielle, a small-time villager who joins Xena on her journey and becomes a hero in her own right.

In season 5, Xena's actress Lucy Lawless was pregnant, necessitating that some episodes feature less of her. One such episode is "Married with Fishsticks", a self-contained filler episode that doesn't effect the main story of the series since it takes place mostly inside a dream that Gabrielle has when she is knocked unconscious. In this dream, Gabrielle finds herself transformed into a mermaid who lives in a community of fellow merfolk who have frivolous family and romance squabbles that Gabrielle has to navigate. There are some interesting group shots of merfolk swimming together, but overall it's a mundane and petty depiction of merfolk.

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