Dollz! I'm an amateur at doll making, and made these for fun. Feel free to take these and display or modify them whatever way you wish.

Left-to-right: Thumbelina in her blue dress, the red-and-black Beetle ball outfit, the gown for her wedding to Mr Mole, and again in the blue dress, but this time with her hair up.

Thumbelina in her fairy wedding gown. The one on the far left is the original one I made, which I was actually perfectly happy with... until I remembered that she's supposed to have wings. So I had made another one with wings, which is the one next to it. The third one is an alternate version made by madame_ambou, who's a member of my Clear Black Lines yahoogroup. The last one is a cool sparkly animated version made by Lina, another Thumbelina fan.

Thumbelina in her beetle ball gown.

Another submitted doll by Thumbelina fan Lucy (aka Phoebe CInderella). In Lucy's words: This picture is of Thumbelina in her normal dress that she wears for the majority of the movie! But the Base credit goes to

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