Ms. Fieldmouse tries to convince Thumbelina to marry the mole. While on first viewing it may not seem much of a villain song, it really is. Mrs Fieldmouse is such a wicked villain, the more so because she doesn't appear to be one.

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Love? Love is what we read about in books, my dear.

"Here comes the bride" is a lovely little ditty
But marrying for love is a foolish thing to do
'Cause love won't pay the mortgage or put porridge in your bowl
Dearie, marry the mole

True, it's a fact that he's not exactly witty
He's blinder than a bat but at least his eyes are blue
His breath may be alarming but he's charming, for a troll
Dearie, marry the mole

Romeo and Juliet
Were very much in love when they were wed
They honoured every vow
So where are they now?
They're dead, dead, very very dead

Poor Thumbelina, your brain's so itty bitty
I hate to seem a pest but I know what's best for you
Just think of all the ways that you could decorate a hole
Take my advice, I'll bring the rice
Dearie, marry the mole
Marry the mole
Marry that mole
M is for money

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