Memorable Moments

Thumbelina's "birth" via the magical flower.

(The detail on her skirt is amazing!)

Thumbelina: Mother, please... Are there any stories about little people?

Nighttime storytelling session between Thumbelina and her mum. (Note: That was one *heck* of a fall from the nose to the hand - but I guess being that small and easily put into trouble Thumbelina's built more resilient.)

Thumbelina: What are those?
Mother: They're wings, Thumbelina. These are fairies. And fairies have wings so they can fly.
Thumbelina: Mother, have you ever seen a fairy?
Mother: I thought I did, once.
Thumbelina feels insecure about herself because of her size.

Thumbelina: I suppose it works best if two people are about the same size.
Mother: Y-yes. Of course.
Thumbelina: Well, that's not fair. I must be the only little person in the whole world. I wish I were big.
Mother: No, Thumbelina, no. Don't ever wish to anything but what you are.

Thumbelina plays pretend with the fairy drawings in the book. She's the most adorable type of dreamer.
Thumbelina: I wonder if there really are such things are fairies.
Thumbelina: Tell me about the fairy court. Is there... a prince?
Cornelius: (cheeky smile) Yes.
Thumbelina: He must be terribly handsome.
Cornelius: Oh, he is.
Thumbelina: Strong and brave.
Cornelius: None like him.
Thumbelina: I would love to meet the fairy prince.
Cornelius: Oh, I'll tell him.
The duet. Sweet!
Grundel the toad falls in love at first... sound? (I guess Thumbelina should've kept her mouth shut and let Cornelius do the singing, eh?)
Already exchanging gifts and promises.

Thumbelina: Do not forget me.

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