Memorable Moments

Cornelius: I'll never forget you.
Thumbelina: Never never.
Cornelius: Will you meet my parents?

(The fairy parental units arrive and the almost kiss x 4)

Mama Toad kidnaps Thumbelina.
The Prince arrives the next morning bearing gifts... only to find the lovely lass is gone.
Mama Toad: These are my sons: Mozo, Gringo and Grundel.

Grundel is such a sour puss. Honestly!

Mama Toad tries to teach Thumbelina to dance. Mama Toad is simply unbelievable, a total hottie froggie if ever I've seen one (and I haven't seen many...) with high heels, a mini-mini dress and pink hair. I just love her for being an unconventional take on the character.
Thumbelina: Could you sing that a little slower?
Mama Toad: Slower? We don't do ballads.
Thumbelina: Oh, then maybe I could take notes.

I don't know, I just find this really funny. Thumbelina does have a sense of sarcasm after all.

Mama Toad: And now I make her sing.

I laugh everytime!

This bit goes by pretty quick in the song sequence and it's easy to miss, but here Mama Toad and Thumbelina peer into a compact. Thumbelina manages to adjust what - lip gloss? The sheer amount of detail given to Thumbelina's movements is just amazing.
Thumbelina: Doesn't anybody care what I think?

I guess they don't. Practically the only ones who do care what Thumbelina thinks are her mother, Cornelius and Jacquimo. Talk about taking a girl's agency away.

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