Memorable Moments

Jacquimo still tries to find info about the Vale of the Fairies.

Cornelius is knocked off his bumble and is frozen in a pond of water.

This scene is so powerful... It gives me goosebumps every time I watch it.

Grundel threatens Mr Beetle for info on Thumbelina.

Mr Beetle: Look, I don't know where she is! We didn't get along, she's not my type. She's an ugly type, I don't like ugly.

Which leads to Mr. Beetle losing his wings.

Thumbelina is told about Cornelius’ ‘‘death’’. Although subtle, Thumbelina's personality does change from this point on - not only because she thinks that her love is gone, but also because she loses hope of ever finding her way home and seeing the sun again.
Thumbelina: I'd rather not [visit Mr Mole].
Ms Fieldmouse: Oh. I saved your life this very day and you'd "rather not"?

Ms Fieldmouse is a nasty piece of work, indeed.

Ms Fieldmouse: Thumbelina's just come down from up there.
Mr Mole: Up there?
Ms Fieldmouse: Up - there.
Mr Mole: Oh, dreadful place!
Thumbelina is forced to sing for Mr Mole.
Thumbelina finds a fallen Jacquimo in the tunnels.

Thumbelina: I'll come back. Tonight.

Mr Mole's proposal for Thumbelina's hand in marriage. Is it just me, or was Ms Fieldmouse hoping he was asking her?
Ms Fieldmouse: Leave the arrangements to me.

She is a nasty villain!

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