Far Longer Than Forever is completely a fan site, built for the sole purpose of paying humble tribute to Richie Rich's The Swan Princess, is no way affiliated to the official fellars and no, I do not know how to contact them. I do not know how to get merchandise, colouring books, score sheets or any of those kind of things, simply because I live far far away from the US of A and hence there is great difficulty if I wish to get my mitts on such items.

This site was built using simple HTML with occasional help from Netscape Communicator and Frontpage and I won't be using more sophisticated stuff because I'm clueless about that sort of thing. Graphics on this site that aren't screencaps were made using Adobe Photoshop and/or Paintshop Pro. Screencaps were made using Genius Video Wonder Pro II V 2 or later on by Pinnacle video capture card.

As for me, you can call me Annie. I'm female, Malaysian, still a student no longer a student, a little crazy, often dazed and confused.

I'm always open to suggestions on how to make this site better, although within the constrictions of my available time and equipment. I don't have any resources whatsoever on the Swan Princess trilogy other than the videos and soundtrack, so scans of fancy-schmancy pics will never reach this site unless someone contributes them. Of course, contributions such as fanfic, fanart etc are always welcome (beg beg beg!) and due credit will be given.