Princess Odette, the only daughter of King William, is a lively young woman who is very sweet, feminine and kind, but at the same time outspoken and forthright, something that takes most of the people around her by surprise. She's surprisingly strong at times, and her level-headedness balances out Prince Derek's lack of it.
Voiced by Michelle Nicastro.
Sung by Liz Callaway.
Young Odette voiced by Adrian Zahiri and Larisa Oleynik.
Prince Derek is a charming prince with an occasionally unfortunate tendency not to notice what is right in front of him. That doesn't make him any less a hero, it's just that he needs to think carefully before choosing a target... and choosing words, when it comes to that.
Voiced by Howard McGillin.
Young Derek voiced by Adam Wylie and J.D. Daniels.
Voiced by Douglas Sills in the first sequel.
Voiced by Brian Nissen in the second sequel.
Don't let Rothbart fool you. He may look like a typical "cue evil laughter here" kind of villain, but he actually thinks his ideas through before executing them, and is rather intelligent for villain. (Most villains just live on their nerves, and desperately underestimate the hero/heroines.) Not Rothbart. Why, it took him nearly 18 years to plan and re-plan his plan... and he hasn't aged a day.
Voiced by Jack Palance.
Sung by Lex de Azevedo.
Voiced by Sean Wright in the second sequel.
Jean-Bob is a French frog who believes he's a prince. He doesn't merely think he's a prince, he believes in it implicitly, and constantly badgers Odette for that one kiss that'll "break ze spell". But as much as he may say against it, he's not a snot, he's not a wuss, and he will do all he can to help Odette escape Rothbart and find Derek. After all, he is a sidekick, ain't it?
Voiced by John Cleese.
Sung by David Zippel.
Voiced by Donald Sage MacKay in the sequels.
My favourite of the Animal Sidekick Trio is Lorenzo Trudge-Along, but friends call him Speed. He's the wry smart-talking turtle that somehow ended up with Jean-Bob at Swan Lake and befriended Odette. He may be a little slow on the speech, and rather sarcastic on the tone, but don't you underestimate him. He's the smart one.
Voiced by Steven Wright.
Sung by Jonathan Hadary.
Voiced by Doug Stone in the sequels.
Lieutenant Puffin joins the Animal Sidekick Trio sorely by coincidence (and an arrow in the wing) and takes it upon himself to be the leader.
Voiced by Steve Vinovich.
Queen Uberta is Prince Derek's widow mum who's got an amazing head of hair and an ability to pout that puts all spoilt three-year-olds to shame. She certainly doesn't act her age, and lives happily in a life of throwing parties and pageants where she's the centre of attention. She pushed Derek in the direction of Odette ever since he was a young boy, and continues to push him, whether or not Odette is the vicinity. Derek must've gotten all his genes from his dad (except for the clueless gene).
Voiced by Sandy Duncan.
Voiced by Christy Landers in the sequels.
King William is Princess Odette's dad. [Who is her mum, by the way? There was absolutely no mention of her despite the part in the prologue when Odette was born.] He's good friends with Queen Uberta (or was, in any case), and was her conspirator when it came to the matching of Odette and Derek. Odette must've gotten all her genes from her mum.
Voiced by Dakin Matthews.
Lord Rogers... my fav character in the entire Swan Princess trilogy. He seems to know that he's the only intelligent human being around, and detests the fact that he knows it in the first place. I can't really piece together what it is exactly that Rogers does around Derek's palace other than conduct the orchestra, insult Bromleigh and/or Derek, supervise Derek's archery practices and hang out with Uberta.
Voiced by Mark Harelik.
Voiced by Joseph Medrano in the sequels.
Bromley is Prince Derek's best friend. He's mostly a coward that brags a lot, but his heart is (arguably) in the right place and he has the uncanny ability to end up at the right place at the right time.
Voiced by Joel McKinnon Miller.
Sung by Wes Brewer.
Voiced by Owen Miller in the sequels.
*Thanks to Emily for the voice actor image.
And this is the Chamberlain, the runner-around doing-chores-for-the-Queen fellow, whose highlights in life include singing and dancing with a brigade of all-too-smiley Princesses.
Voiced by James Arrington.
Sung by Davis Gaines.
*Thanks to Amy Wrethman for this voice actor info.
The Hag, aka Rothbart's sidekick. She doesn't talk (besides making the occasional noise) in the first movie, but does her job as well as any villainous sidekick can hope to do. In the sequels her name is revealed to be Bridget.
Voiced by Bess Hopper.
Voiced by Rosie Mann in the sequels.
*Thanks to Lisa B for this voice actor info.
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