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Artist: Ariel

Artist: Caz

Artist: Danielle


Artist: Deanna


A watercolour of animanga!Prince Derek and Princess Odette.

Artist: Emily

Artist: Ericka


Odette. I sketched it first and then edited EVERYTHING in paint. It took a WHILE! PHEW!

Artist: Espera
The last ones are a little hard to see because I didn't ink them. I'm afraid that I'll ruin it if I do.

Artist: Georg

Artist: Gracie

Artist: GreyPhoenix

Artist: Glossy Yukimura

Artist: Jennie

Artist: Jocelyn

Artist: Kim

I drew Odette and Dereck, this is my absolute favorite part of the movie! I used colored pencils to color it.

Artist: Laurashrub
Odette. New dress.

Artist: Lisa

Artist: Mac

Artist: Marissa

Artist: Nikki

Artist: Princess Kristen

I guess you never really know a character before you draw them...

Artist: Saskia

Artist: Sara

Artist: Sophie

Artist: Veronica
This is my favorite part of the movie, I love happy endings! First I sketched it with pencil, then inked it, and finally I coloured it using my sister's old watercolours from kindergarten, haha... To Odette and Derek, may you live happily ever after!

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