The Making

The Swan Princess Special Edition video, there is a "Making of" featurette. It's more a tantalizing glimpse than anything else, giving us a painfully brief look into the behind-the-scenes of the movie. I would've loved to see more of the voice actors and creative process. Here are a few screenshots I've taken of the featurette.

Rich Rich, director of the movie.

Steven Wright, voice of Speed.

Palance looking at the storyboard.

All backgrounds, hand-painted.


John Cleese, voice of Jean-Bob.

Jack Palance, voice of Rothbart.

Cleese in the studio.

Rough sketch of Jean-Bob.

Checking the movement of water.

Sandy Duncan, voice of Uberta.

A glimpse of the storyboard.

Working on his French accent.

Action outline for Jean-Bob.

Taking care to ensure detail.

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