Thumbelina is the girl no bigger than your thumb, yet her spirits soar above and beyond the restrictions of her size. She's sweet, kind and a hopeless romantic at heart which are all wonderful traits, although her clueless-ness keeps getting her into trouble. But she's pushed into adventure when she gets lost from her home, and learns rather plenty about the outside world.
Voiced by Jodi Benson
Prince Cornelius of the Fairies is Thumbelina's love, whose adventurous and outgoing nature compliments Thumbelina's own reluctance and shyness perfectly. He's still rather immature at times, but once he meets Thumbelina his priorities change and he manages some really amazing feats.
Voiced by Gary Imhoff
Jacquimo the swallow is a French-accented bird with an overflowing supply of optimism and determination. He befriends Thumbelina during her journey and helps her as much as he can on her quest to get back home (or find Prince Cornelius, whichever comes first).
Voiced by Gino Conforti
Thumbelina's mother (only known as Mother) is a kind elderly woman who worked on a farm but found animal companionship didn't make up for having a child of her own. Thumbelina was the light of her life, and she enjoyed being a mother for what little time she had with the tiny angel in a skirt.
Voiced by Barbara Cook
Mrs Toad snatches Thumbelina from the safety of her home with the intention of making her part of the "Los Sapos Guapos" performance troupe. She looks at Thumbelina as some sort of cash cow, and then forces her to marry her son, Grendel.
Voiced by Charo
Grundel is one of Mrs Toad's three sons, and the one that has set his eyes on marrying the beautiful Thumbelina. He appears stupid, but can be a wicked piece of work when provoked, and will do whatever it takes to have Thumbelina as his bride.
Voiced by Joe Lynch
Mr Beetle proclaims himself a "judge of beautiful things" and is a smooth-talker when it comes to charming the ladies. His interest in Thumbelina is purely commercial, wanting to make her a star at the Beetle Ball, but quickly shunts her when she is rejected by the masses. He is later forced to find Thumbelina for Grendel.
Voiced by Gilbert Gottfried
To me, Mrs Fieldmouse is the nastiest of the all ill-intentioning bad guys. Although she looks harmless, Mrs Fieldmouse is insensitive to Thumbelina's feelings, is money-minded and makes fun of love as though it were a disease. Mrs Fieldmouse saves Thumbelina when winter strikes, and later forces her to marry Mr Mole.
Voiced by Carol Channing
Mr Mole is a near blind devilishly-rich squat who hates sunlight and must have his way all the time. He wants Thumbelina as his own bride, despite knowing very well how much she loves the sun and the fresh air.
Voiced by John Hurt
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