The Thumbelina soundtrack has music by Barry Manilow and lyrics by Bruce Sussman & Jack Feldman, and all the songs suit the mood and style of the movie perfectly. And (with the exception of maybe Soon) all the songs flow into the movie so well that the story depends heavily on them. One of the main reasons I love Thumbelina was because of the music, so of course I have the soundtrack, the cover of which is below.

You can buy the soundtrack online from amazon.

All the lyrics below were transcribed by ear, so any corrections would be very welcome. The pages also contain audio samples, which have been clipped to less than 10% of the original song according to unlicensed sampling criteria, and are meant for information purposes only. Please don't ask me for the full mp3s, and support the people who created this music for us to appreciate.

Track Listing

  1. Opening Credits: Let Me Be Your Wings
  2. Follow Your Heart (Intro)
  3. Jacquimo Tells the Story
  4. Thumbelina [ lyrics ]
  5. Soon [ lyrics ]
  6. Entrance of the Fairies
  7. Let Me Be Your Wings [ lyrics ]
  8. Mama Toad Kidnaps Thumbelina
  9. On the Road [ lyrics ]
  10. Over the Waterfall
  11. Follow Your Heart [ lyrics ]
  12. Yer Beautiful, Baby [ lyrics ]
  13. Cornelius Searches for Thumbelina
  14. Soon (Reprise) [ lyrics ]
  15. Let Me Be Your Wings ("Sun" Reprise) [ lyrics ]
  16. Marry the Mole [ lyrics ]
  17. Thumbelina Escapes
  18. Finale: Let Me Be Your Wings/Follow Your Heart [ lyrics ]
  19. Let Me Be Your Wings (End Title Duet) [ lyrics ]
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